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  1. I was a Marine maintainer, and I will have you know, that we also have adjustable wrenches and a flat head screwdriver (but only a big one). The selection of hammers was pretty incredible though.
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    We were with Geico for YEARS. I called in to cancel because I had found a cheaper quote... 2 adults and a teenager with a 4WD Wrangler. They told me to hold on, thanked me for my longevity, etc., then moved me to a Geico sister company. Everything is identical, still use the same app, payments to the same place, the difference was the legal entity name added 'Mutual' or something similar to the paperwork. Cut my Geico rate by about 30%. This was so they keep good customers at the lower rate, and show a loss of $ on the main company (thats how it was explained to me.
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