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  1. Being trapped on a boat with a bunch a people in small living quarters is probably THE WORST thing I could with this odor. So Navy is completely out of the question. The video is actually a PERFECT example of why the Navy would be a no go. Got to do the most I can to avoid these sorts of situations.
  2. So bc my situation is unique you assume that its NOT REAL? Guess I will just have to join and find out. I just hope u will not harrass me or bully me if I end up working in your shop and that you hopefully talk to the others and let them know its not a hygiene issue. tbh thats all i ask, to be treated like a normal person and to not suffer bullying, jokes, and whispers behind my back. I have bills to pay like everyone else. So if u or someone reading this has to work with me PLEASE just be polite and understabding. if you dont want to answer my questions thats fine. All I ask is that you just be respectful and kind to those who suffer from chronic odor issues like mine. You dont have to like me or be my friend if you see me working at your station/shop etcetera but just treating me like a regular person would make my day. Im just seeking a way to support myself. I cant stop trying. I need to be creative because mt situation isnt normal. For abnormal problems unconventional solutions are needed. I apologize if my post was negative or disruptive, i just wanted to post here to avoid asking this face to face to a recruiter.
  3. No it isnt. I think its just genetic because my grand dad, father, and uncle (fathers brother) had strong body odors. However I am extremely clean and neat because I dont want people to think Im unhygenic and I work out a lot because I know people associate obesity with being dirty. I take very good care of myself. My teeth are clean, straight, white, healthy/cavity free, I shower twice a day, I wash all my laundry in hot water and antibacterial detergent, etcetera etcetera (dont want to list everything I do bc it will be seen as "too much"). Its a lot of work and can get expensive but I know if I dont do it people will assume its a hygeine issue.
  4. Im one of those unlucky persons who are young, in shape, have excellent hygiene, but smell bad. Before you ask, no this isnt a joke. And yes I have seen several doctors and many doctors have ran multiple tests on me and everything has come back completely normal. Yes I shower, brush/floss my teeth, wear deoderant, and have no cavities. No I cant smell myself but based off of the comments I get I can conclude that ... The odor makes people's eyes water; it makes their airways burn, nauseates them, makes them cough and sneeze, and the odor spreads like a constant gas and has a 15-50ft radius. My roommate has described it to me as rechid and putrid. Despite this condition, I have aspirations to be a pilot as you can tell by my handle. Im already 35 so my dream of being a fighter pilot might not work out but im willing to settle for RPA. ***So how bad of a time can I expect to have if I persue my dream?*** ***How miserable will military life be with this odor?*** I asked an ex-army vet what they thought would happen if I joined and he told me that I would likely get a "Failure to Adapt" and likely get rejected from the OTS boards. He also said people would likely make my life hell. The other reason I want to be a pilot is because they dont work with many people at a time. . . As far s I know RPAs work with a sensor op. So having only 1 coworker would be ideal so I dont bother too many people with this smell.
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