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  1. Update on TFOT/OTS dates Off the street Guard/Fighter Board: November 2020 Hired: November 2020 MEPS: December 2020 FC1: April 2021 NGB Approval: Jan 2022 TFOT/OTS: April 5th 2022 UPT: ??? FTU: ???
  2. Finally got the stamp and NGB approval. For reference, my officer packet was sent to the bureau in Aug 2021
  3. Congrats on landing the FC1! DM me if you have any specific questions about that process. I passed mine in April so I’m sorta fresh.
  4. I can say that mine took just over a month to be scheduled. Then, like you said, I got about 3 weeks notice.
  5. Welcome to the hiring process! Get ready for a lot of waiting and watching while the National Guard Bureau use your officer packet as a door mat. First things first though, head on over to the “Upcoming Boards” thread to meet other candidates in your same position. Come back to this thread after you get a slot for questions/comments about the timeline. Also check out BogiDope.com for upcoming board dates and start applying. If you have any more specific questions about the hiring process or the pilot pipeline feel free to DM me. I’m an off the street guard hire so I can’t provide too much info on the reserve side, however I’m sure there’s someone on this thread who can help. Good luck bro!
  6. No. I’ll tell you that if you get piss drunk to a point that they have to call a cab for you, then you have problems.
  7. That is a bit different and I haven’t come across anyone who’s done that yet. I’m sure that it’s just taking Wright Patt a little longer since you sent it in. If it turns out it’s not in by July, I would ask your recruiter to help get in touch with WP and check on its status. Since it’s an FC1A all they have to do is essentially look it over and sign you off, shouldn’t take this long. Hopeful for a speedy turnaround for you!
  8. It took only 2 weeks to get back to my unit. I figured afterwards out that medical at your home unit needs to sign off on your FC1 as well (YMMV). Took my med team to sign it off after about 3 more weeks due to technical issues. All in all just over a month for mine and that seemed long compared to others. You should ask your recruiter if your unit received your paperwork from the FC1.
  9. That sounds like a good sign for me. Admin is currently fighting for reimbursement and I just recently got my Citi GTC Travel Card. Appears as though I should be fine.
  10. Heard. I'm guard as well so this definitely applies. Just got the GTCC application done as of now. Admin is optimistic this issue will be cleared up. I'm the first off the street new hire they've had in a while so they're understandably scrambling. Bottom line though I'll go out of pocket if it means saving just a month of time by not re-scheduling the FC1.
  11. Has anyone run into trouble trying to get their unit to pay for FC1 travel? The finance dept. at my unit says I have to complete OTS before I get travel benefits.
  12. For those of you hired off the street, what have you typically do/done on drill weekends? Looking for some perspective before my first one this weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  13. If I was in your shoes, I would try to get that done as soon as possible. Less things you have to get done before training, the better!
  14. Right on. I bet it was a bit better than MEPS though I’m sure lol
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