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  1. How recent is your info? I heard formal release is alive and well. Not sure who's correct since it's coming from the casual guys. I'm done with IFT so I figured it wouldn't hurt to passively read it so that by the time I get there it sticks.
  2. Rather have the memorization done before getting there like I did for IFT.
  3. Anyone know where to get the latest and greatest bold face/ops limits and any other memory items required for RIQ? I'm not active duty and not stationed at Randolph so if there's a site to download them from or if you can send them directly to me I'd appreciate it.
  4. So I can fly beyond the confines of a remotely piloted aircraft?
  5. The IFT brief says that training should cover roughly 80% of the PPL requirements. Does your $2k - $2.5k cover that remaining 20%? Or is your estimate for the CSO and UPT pilots who only go to IFT for roughly a month? The URT trainees end up flying more than anyone else in IFT and I'm trying to plan in advance to cover costs and see if its worth getting right after
  6. Should've specified. I'm in the URT track for RPA pilot. Although UPT can happen because our unit has manned platforms, more than likely I'll stay URT.
  7. Anyone know of a place in Pueblo Colorado to known out the remainder of the PPL requirements after IFT is complete? I'm looking to take leave to get that knocked out, preferably on the same air frame (DA20) while it's all fresh. One place I found there was giving me email kick backs, which is never a good sign.
  8. I'll be leaving AD and going ANG. Didn't choose it as my home station but wouldn't mind it for training. I've done the NM tour and was just wondering the likelihood of going back :`(
  9. What are the chances of getting Syracuse during the pipeline?
  10. Exactly the type of info I was looking for. Thanks nsplayr. Are you in a full-time slot? Just curious because you said they had you on a shift schedule. Does being an RPA pilot play nice with your civ job? I support the LRE on-call right now as a commo, but I'm glad it will actually be voluntary in the ANG. I've worked in the various SOF and OGA's over the past few years and have gotten enough T-shirts as you said. Was directly supporting the manned platforms this recent trip and enjoy the mission but not the time away. I'm guessing quals like SERE, HAP chamber, jumper, etc mean noth
  11. I have, and their recruiter is working to get that info. Just wanted to have a better idea if the tempo is what i'm looking for before taking too much of their time and asking a million questions only to say, nah sorry...not for me. Age limit (as I was informed today) is 32 to begin training. I was told that they were backlogged and training could easily take 2 years to complete.
  12. I've already verified. Still have a few years of eligibility left.
  13. Didn't find anything about this specifically. What is the life of an RPA pilot in the guard like? Day to day life? How many days per month? What is the deployment tempo and do you have to deploy or can you do the job without leaving CONUS? How much time can you expect to spend getting initially spun up coming from enlisted on AD? After a decade on AD and half of that having been deployed, I'm looking to see if it's possible to keep going, but on more of my terms.
  14. Trying to avoid a whole new thread. Do the comments here about reserve lifestyle apply to the guard as well? Considering all heavy airframes at this point. Ideally looking to leave AD and fly when I want and deploy only if I want. How likely is that in the ANG?
  15. With most of this info several years old and pre dating our efforts on fighting ISIS on a larger scale, I'm wondering if the tempo of flying when you want and deploying only if you want to remains? Considering leaving AD and trying to become a pilot. Not sure on the air frame or location but leaning toward heavies.
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