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  1. Hey guys, anyone on these boards familiar with the 115th FW out of Madison? I will be interviewing soon for a maintenance position. I have a background in machining, metal work, etc., hence why I am looking in that direction. Is the unit pretty cohesive? What is the atmosphere like? I have interviewed with a couple of heavy units and the shop and squadrons were very relaxed but this is my first and only non-heavy unit I'll be interviewing with. I'm both nervous and excited because I have no idea what to expect. The posts on fighter squadrons are plentiful on this board but the perspect
  2. Yeah, I'd like to understand what is going on at Niagara too. Why end the association if the net loss is only three C-130s and if the Guard unit is also flying the same airframe? Damnit. I think the Guard is hell bent on making sure nothing is around Chicago anymore.
  3. Finished Flying From The Black Hole. It was pretty good for those of us interested in the nav side of the business. I felt that sometimes the author lost track of his readers and got too technical with the equipment a B-52 nav uses, especially when he linked the Vietnam-era nav equipment to the dawn of manned flight equipment and he sort of skims over nav schooling. The author is pretty critical of SAC policy, inflexible leadership, and TDYs vs. deployments. I thought it was pretty interesting to see many of the same gripes on these boards today. Either way, it is a good book about the Vi
  4. It is sad that in context, a state-of-the-art airplane could be developed, produced, tested, and operational on-time and on-budget in months or a few years during the 1910s-1950s and all the highly educated engineers and computerized manufacturing tools today cannot accomplish the same task. This really isn't good timing for the AF especially when Congress is trying to minimize DOD expenses.
  5. Is the unit you are trying to go to looking for Nav applicants? That is an interesting observation, though, is it due to the uncertainty of the economy still or something different? I figured all the talk I have seen on the other boards here about VSP and the airlines hiring would have translated into manning gold for the Reserve.
  6. The June and March boards have left me hoping a lot but I am starting to think we are seeing a new trend where the units are sponsoring those applicants they need and sending to the boards but AFRC is selecting only top-tier applicants. Is it a funding issue? Maybe. It cannot be a manning issue since the recruiter and the units I've talked with have all told me they have a serious need. Granted I am a nav applicant, but my point is that the Reserve has always been more open for applicants than the Guard and AD, IMHO. I really hope we can get back to the point where the unit's sponsorship
  7. Toto

    Gun Talk

    You're welcome.
  8. Toto

    Gun Talk

    Anyone have any good recommendations for a smaller rifle for beginners? I want to get my fiancee something for her to begin to get comfortable around guns but because of her height and small frame, 4'11'' and maybe 98lbs it is a little tricky having her use my rifles. I was thinking possibly something the youths use or maybe a small .22? Anything with a smaller barrel and less kick. I was looking at maybe the Remington Model Five compact but have heard that a CZ 452 might be better in the long run.
  9. No idea bro. Getting sponsored used to be the real battle but the previous board changed that. It will be interesting to see what happened in June, that should give you a good sense as to how the boards are trending. I'm hoping that the disaster board was an anomaly since I am hoping to make it to the November board though I have no idea if I will be trying for UNT or just getting a commission in any AFSC at this point.
  10. Thanks for the help guys. I know UAVs are not as popular with those who view flying as a manned mission, but I've had little luck coming in off the street as Nav applicant due to the very limited number of openings in the Guard/Reserve units I've talked with or the desire to take in-house applicants first and I realize that UAVs are really being pushed as the newest mission so I decided to give it some thought. Like you mentioned above, the UAV operators seem to be doing some big things in the current conflicts so why not try and be a part of it? I did check out the websites again, and
  11. Guys, I know UAVs are not the favorite topic here on the boards, but I also know that many of baseops members have more experience dealing with them than on any other forum and can help. Would anyone know if there are any opportunities for someone interested in UAVs in the Guard or the Reserve? The ANG website lists a critical need for anyone willing to enter into ISR/UAV openings but websites are generally not the most reliable source for information, especially when there is no indication of what units or even states have that need. Some of the earlier threads on this board hinted that
  12. Just interviewed for a nav position in a C-130 unit. What was your favorite class in college and why? What was your least favorite class and why? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (I failed this question because I was so focused on trying to show the unit that I have a plan in life that will not keep me as a bum and I forgot to mention where the ANG and squadron fit into my plan which was pointed out by the members of the board. ) Why the C-130? What is our mission? What will happen if we do not select you? Do you have a PPL, certifications or flight experience? What is
  13. Thanks to a memeber on these boards I was able to get ahold of the chief nav in the unit and I chatted briefly with him and that is why I am having trouble. I am fairly certain he said he wouldn't mind having me visit to talk with some of the navs but he told me that everything has to go through the recruiter and she told me that the squadron does not let people visit prior to the interview. So I do not know who's word to take. I wasn't sure if the ANG was a differnet kind of animal. Maybe it is due to me applying for UNT instead of UPT? I was hoping that I could visit after taki
  14. Quick question, if I have already talked to the units I am interested in and they are interested in working with me but the recruiter for my region (AFRC) is not really answering my emails and phone calls should I switch and work with the recruiter the unit told me to contact even if they are out of the region? I don't know if my regional recruiter is hardcore busy or if its due to the holidays but I haven't heard from him yet. Is it normal for units, especially in the ANG, to not want people to visit prior to the interviews?
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