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  1. I was unaware these people were all Presidents of the United States... Since the topic of this thread is, ya know, "The Next President is..."
  2. The $5B isn't for the entire wall. It's for about 215 miles of wall. There's just under 2000 miles of border between Mexico and the U.S. It amazes me that people believe the $5B he asked for was for the entire wall. It's not even close.
  3. It is one of the first things they teach on physical security that barriers are incapable of keeping people out; that thinking the existence of a wall or door will keep someone out is the absolute worst mistake you can make. There is no such thing as an effective barrier. Instead, doors, fences, and locks are delay devices, meant to keep someone busy while the the alarms bring responders. In any real physical security scenario, it is really the responders (and the threat of them) that keep people away, not the walls. Further, when there IS a wall, generally all costs for security and
  4. The funny thing is you actually believe that. And yes I wasn't a fan of Obama's use of EOs. But then I don't remember him using them to fund projects not authorized by Congress either.
  5. Interesting to note all those people who railed against Obama's use of executive privilege are remaining silent on Trump declaring a "national emergency", this completely sidestepping the legislative branch of government to fund his pet project.
  6. Wrong. I want -real- solutions (i.e. fixing the immigration process and rules), not a monument. While a wall may put a minuscule dent, it certainly won't stop all, or even most, illegal entries. Why not attack the cause, the why, of illegal immigration rather than slapping on a band-aid?
  7. Read it again. "It also projected that overstays made up about two-thirds of the total number of people who became unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. that year."
  8. The vast majority of illegals (roughly 2/3) arrive via legal means and then overstay their visa. How does a wall keep this from happening?
  9. Sorry I'm on vacation and don't want to waste it debating. But basically the wall will not stop illegal activity. To think so is very naive. Polls show the vast majority of Americans are not in favor of the wall. Yes I know polls can be wrong. But the last election was a swing away from Trump and his policies. Those millions also want to see the government responds to their wants, needs, and concerns... and they exceed those "deplorables" in number. The GOP had 2 years to fund a wall. Nada. Why?
  10. Are we going to steal the land from private property owners this wall will need to be built on or are we going to offer them just compensation for their property? Cause if we are, that $25B goes up quite a bit. Materials and labor aren't the only costs.
  11. Which is what my stance has been all along. Reform our current, shitty immigration policy with one that allows for greater allowances for guest workers. Then you won't need a wall.
  12. If all illegals were to suddenly disappear, the immediate impact would be a loss of $11.6B in tax revenues, roughly 8 million jobs that are dependent on the economic activity of that population would be lost, and low skilled labor costs would rise which in turn would cause in increase in the costs of goods and services to consumers.
  13. $5B isn't the total cost of the wall, that's what he's requesting to get started on the wall. Most estimates place the entire cost upwards of $50B-$100B.
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