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  1. My post was ANG side of the house ;) Like I said, bumming is very unit dependent. And dependent on whether those allocating title 10 days are handing them out or not. Right now, there is a lot of crap going on making it hard to get days, but hopefully it will settle down within a few months. As for deployment... I've not heard of ANG units doing LRE deployments. It's probably possible, but afaik totally voluntary atm.
  2. I've done 2 different units. Each scheduled differently. One place avg was 2.5hrs in the seat, the other, I was doing 4-8 depending on the night. Great for getting hours, but gets old. IMO 3-4 hrs is a good amount of time. Enough time to get settled, be in the flow, and not get bored beyond belief. 8 hrs in the seat... Let's just say, when you get the schedule the day prior and see what you have to look forward to, there's a sinking feeling lol. But it is what you make it. I've had 8hrs fly by, and some felt like 20. As for the "week" schedule, was doing 5 on 3 off. 3 day weekends are pretty nice. Of course, everything is unit dependent. I've heard of many other scheduling outlines. And again for "bumming", all depends on the unit, and the whims of the Feds. Just figured I'd post a little update :) EDIT: regarding flight hours, are you referring to RPA hours counting for FAA hours? Hopefully they'll work something out to have some conversion. True, it's not "flying", but you're doing the same stuff. CRM, task management, managing aircraft systems, talking with ATC, dealing with WX (in a much more difficult manner), etc... I'm not gonna sit here and try to make believe that there's something magical about physically sitting in an aircraft (aside from the fact that you're flying). It is extremely relatable experience despite being on the ground.
  3. If UPT still UAV fundamentals. Had a T-38 and a T-1 guy in my fundamentals class. It's only a month though, and IMO worth it as you get your feet wet with UAVs prior to FTU.
  4. Haha yeah, a baby would certainly elevate the stress If u goin to Holloman, check out Las Ventanas apartments. Great place to stay imo. Half hour from cloudcroft and about 45m from ruidoso, 2 nice little towns to visit. And only 20m from base
  5. Yeah, don't wear that crap. And don't torture yourself with those crappy towels either. Get a nice plush white towel that'll feel good and not take layers of skin off. Use the crap towels to dry the shower floor
  6. I didn't do IFS either. Biggest struggle I had was stand ups and learning the differences in regs (military vs FAA). For standups, just make sure you're getting a good tabletop EP every single brief or debrief. All standups are based on the exact same EPs (naturally). As for regs, it really wasn't too bad given a little study time. Overall the experience wasn't very difficult. A little more stress than civilian, but that's to be expected. Oh yeah, it's all sim as I'm sure u know. Getting a good feel for how touchy the sims are quickly will help immensely.
  7. What Chaff said is current. I just got through there. PCS Randolph (need suggestions for apartments, send me a PM), then TDY enroute at Holloman to PCS at wherever. Creech and Cannon still the most frequent drops.
  8. Las Ventanas seem to be the best off base apartments. Cort furniture will service the area. Not sure about on base, I didn't really bother looking.
  9. Ahh, the site is still wip? I cannot register. Shows this: Query INSERT INTO `statistics` (`user_sid`, `ip`, `event`, `object_sid`, `type`, `date`, `featured`, `priority`, `reactivate`, `price`, `plugin`) VALUES (0, ?, ?, 0, ?, NOW(), 0, 0, 0, ?, ?) : Statement could not be executed (42S22 - 1054 - Unknown column 'reactivate' in 'field list')
  10. It's pretty situational. I got mine after FC1, but I got AMS and all MQ-9 TLNs at once. Others I've talked to, wait time varies.
  11. I agree. Though the academics were so jam packed, stretching it out a little would have been more relaxed lol. But hey, 6 weeks of academic hell ain't bad! Don't count on retaining much... Major brain dumps after each test lol
  12. 14-03 is still 6 weeks afaik. 14-04 will be 8 if I remember correctly. I just graduated 14-02. Look forward to a good time, and don't step on the blue line :)
  13. So, does getting hired as a Reserve pilot work the same as Guard? Or do you have to go through the Reserve Officer Board? I'm not too clear on how it works Reserve side.
  14. Another quick tip: Fatigue will destroy your reflexes. A good way to train reflexes is play video games while tired. Then get a ton of sleep before the TBAS.
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