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Best AFOQT Practice Tests?

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I've been using Trivium's online test

I paid for AFOQTAcademy's online test

and I've been using AFOQTpractice test.com

I've done both the Trivium and Baron tests in their books as well as the short AFOQT PDF from the Air Force website.

Are all of these tests good? The only sections I still really struggle with are Arithmetic and Math. (I've never taken college Algebra or Geo. I took Stats and Finite Math).

Is there any other practice test I should know about?

If I take this test at the end of this month, I want to be ready and ace this ing thing.

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Sounds like you are well on your way and got most of the bases covered. One thing I would recommend that helpedĀ me a lot is your local library. Just search for afoqt and they usually have a couple solid books including the officer candidate one. Should have a couple full length practice exams available in each one. Best of luck!

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