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UPT Phone Interview Advice

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Afternoon All!

Looking to get some tips/advice for a UPT board interview over the phone. I am currently enlisted in the ANG and deployed overseas. I was selected for the opportunity to interview with an ANG unit and they are completely understanding of my situation and willing to do it over the phone. I've interviewed with several units in person and this will be my first phone interview. Any suggestions to help counteract the lack of face time? If you've interviewed via phone please feel free to share your experience/thoughts.

Thank you!

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Congrats on the interview.

I was in you situation a year ago in Kandahar. Go to the standard interview questions on this forum and think about your answers. I found that thread super useful. Also, not sure what kinda of timeline you have to prepare yourself. I would seriously recommend reaching out to the bogidope guys. The interview prep program is awesome in preping for knowing what to say or how to spin difficult questions in your favor. We did a few mock interviews via phone. I recorded our mock interviews and made note cards... (yes, note cards). For the interview, I found a closet and had one of the IT guys put a DSN phone in there. I had a table looking all the different note cards. 

At the end, the interview prep with the bogidope guys and mock interviews are all the prep I really needed. 

Try to connect with the board members anyway you can. For example, one of the board members stated that they were wearing blues. I told them I didn’t have any of my fancy uniforms in the OAR but I hoped it would please the board to know I was wearing a brand new flight suit. 

Good luck and PM me if you have any questions.

Cheers 🍻 

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