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I recently got an email stating I've been added to an upcoming RCOT class. I thought that was just for incoming medical professionals, and I'm going in as a non-prior sponsored by a Reserve unit to go to UPT. Does anyone have any further information??

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1 hour ago, Hopefulflyer389 said:

I don’t have any information, but I’m an unsponsored pilot select and received the same email. I emailed them back asking for further information. 

I actually just got an email saying it was a mistake. So hopefully you got the same one because I'm pretty sure we're not suppose to go to RCOT!

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They are in the process of combining COT with the rest of the population here at TFOT starting with class 19-03. Everyone will attend the same 8 week course minus a few COT AFSC's that will only have to do 6 weeks. 

From the way the staff here has been explaning it, the merger is still in the works and is an ongoing process to iron out some last minute details. But, sure as the sunrise, everyone will be mixed together this coming January. Also, Det 12 is no more, we're the last class. Leadership and Cadre from the 12th will still be around, but will no longer be autonomously owned like they have been for many years (separate leadership from the 24th and 23rd guys).

Might explain why you're recieving these emails. Best of luck. 

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