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FY16 "Bonus Shenanigans"

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2 hours ago, ViperMan said:

In any case, no one who is signing up for and getting the latest (FY17) bonus amount is getting out any "earlier" than anyone else who signs up for the same flavor of this year's bonus agreement.


This is incorrect.  And this is the biggest issue with the "shenanigans" the Air Force is trying to pull.  

Example: Pilot M's ADSC from UPT expired Jan 2017.  He signed the Early Enrollment contract for 9 years.  That puts his ADSC at Feb 2026 (20.5 years AD service).  The Air Force is now saying that if he wants the higher bonus amount, he must serve for an additional one year past Feb 2026 - that would put his ADSC at Feb 2027 (21.5 years AD service).  For those who did not take the Early Enrollment, they can sign the 9 year contract right now.  Signing the Bonus now (without having signed the Early Enrollment) would put on-time taker Pilot M's ADSC at Jul 2026 (21 years AD service).

The AF wants the Early Enrollment committed pilots to serve MORE time than those who did not sign up early.  If they aren't willing to serve the extra time, they do not get the same bonus as their peers.

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25 minutes ago, icohftb said:

Because they arent talking to eachother or the afrc thinks they already have enough old dudes? AD stopped offering the uncommited eligibles a bonus this year also.

You used logic and called me old all in one post. Bravo good sir. (Still would like some free money since I'm one of about six dudes left from my year group)

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3 hours ago, Vetter said:

I'm going to credit 145 hours in June working 16 days (away from home 9 nights).  $155/hr.  Actually flew like 70ish.  Add 16% DC on top of that.  You do the math...

These bonus threads make me giggle.

Hilarious, isn't it?  People who were going to stay anyway take the devil's money (at an insultingly cheap rate, still less than their counterparts in 1999) and then act surprised that the AF is screwing them on an extra 6-12 months of ADSC.  That they were going to serve anyway, for free.  

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So here's the math

Early bonus taker 2017

25k x 5 yrs = 125k or 25k per year

FY 2017 bonus taker

30k x 5 yrs = 150k or 30k per year

Early bonus taker 2017 renegotiate

30k x 5 yrs + 1 yr = 150k or 25k per year

The early bonus takers will need to add 1 more year of commitment to get the same dollar amount.  If they had timed the market better, they would have gotten a better deal.

The fact the extra year is entirely within Big Blue's discrimination to adjust is the sticking point.  They could have added 1 minute to 1 month of extra commitment using the same justification as they did for adding 1 year. 

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From the HAF/A1 BBP on the Early Enrollee Bonus Shenangians:

"FY16 program, as approved, didn't mention that additional service was required to renegotiate. The governing statute and DoDI at the time did not specifically authorize renegotiation even though the AF approved that provision in the FY16 program."

The AF didn't have the authority to offer contracts that had renegotion clauses.  Yet the AF did offer such contracts without mentioning that additional service was required.  Awesome.

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