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I am heading down to TFOT and TFIT at Maxwell in January and I am a non prior UPT ANG select. My unit will only issue me ABU's and most of the Blue's but not the Blue's Coat, Pants Shoes and some of the other essential accoutrement and non of the Mess Dress that is included on the reporting instructions. Finance just informed me that I don't get the 400$ for officers to buy clothing because I am not an officer... I can probably get that later but still a pain. Also stopping by the BX i am sure that all the stuff I need will cost way more then that. 

Any body have any recent experience with this stuff? Do I just eat and it and pay for the stuff? 

On a related note, for recent guys at Del Rio, did you get your flight suits and stuff at Del Rio or was it issued by your unit? Our young pilots told me that they got it at UPT and that is part of the budget that our unit allots towards a training slot so we don't want to pay for the stuff if we already paid AFTC for it. 


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I paid $400 for my mess dress, which works out to about $80 per use over the last 9 years.  Buying used seems like a good technique.  Similar story for the Service Dress, I've worn it twice since UPT graduation.  OTOH, the PT shorts (unless you cut out the mesh) touch your junk, so I'd buy new if I were you.

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I was in the same situation as you (off the street UPT select) except AFRC. I did not visit my unit prior to going to OTS/AMS/TFOT/TFIT/WhoGivesAShit therefore I had to purchase EVERYTHING out of pocket prior to showing up at Maxwell. I happened to have a large active duty base near my hometown that I was able to buy/order everything and have it all sewn and tailored before hand (which I highly recommend as the wait to have stuff tailored at Maxwell was a complete joke for the other 40% of our class who showed up empty handed). I elected to buy my mess dress brand new, although it's completely up to you whether to buy new, used or rent. So I was out around $2,000 before showing up to Maxwell. On the other hand, the guys/gals that came from their unit usually got plenty of stuff issued to them and only had to buy/rent the mess dress and other required miscellaneous items and out of pocket. Some dudes got the bare enlistment issue items from their units and some got all kinds of extra cool crap: suitcases, embroidered duffel bags, APEX jackets, fleece, extra boots/ABUs/blues etc.

Bottom line, whatever you can get from your unit, sweet. If not, nut up and buy the minimum required. While there, you'll be able to stash away some decent coin to cover these expenses... once you start getting paid. After commissioning, and getting back to my unit, they ordered me lots of stuff in prep for UPT: 4 flight suits, extra boots (because I purchased non flight rated Nike's), 2 flight jackets, 3 pairs of gloves, 4 pair long underwear, suitcase, helmet and flight bags, etc. Also, I filed the one time $400 commissioned officer uniform reimbursement (Form1969) with finance. When you get to UPT(Del Rio), you WILL also be issued, 2 flight suits, 2 pairs of gloves, 1 jacket, 1 pair of flight boots, 1 helmet bag and some other stuff.

P.S. If you are buying your own stuff for OTS and trying to save money, I have some recommendations on where to cut corners. I would only get 2 sets of ABUs and 1 pair of boots (even consider used). I remember the uniform list recommending 3 pairs of ABUs, an extra pair of boots, APEX jacket, mess dress, extra blues shirts/pants, extra PT gear. For the most part, it's all unnecessary. Also, invest in the Under Armour sage green socks! PM me if you have more specific questions. Good luck… at both of those hell holes!

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