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Welcome to the Baseops Finance Wiki Section. Primary Editor = Finance_Guy

This Wiki is to provide current finance related information primarily for TDY and PCS related topics. However, any finance related topic is welcome. I'm new to Wiki editing and hope to figure out the best way to deliver the content.

AMC Finance Customer Service E-Survey Comment Card

AF Portal Finance FAQs - https://www.my.af.mi...044080020E329A9

Must have links for your internet favorites/bookmarksPer Diem Website (JFTR, rates and other good Info)AFI 65-114 (Travel Policy/Procedures)DoDMR Vol 7 A (Military Pay Policy)Defense Table of Official Distances (DTOD)OSD Personnel Military Compensation (Pay and Benefits)

Comptroller Assisted Self Help (C.A.S.H.) - C.A.S.H. Forms Lite is available to all members, globally, but this system does require printing and wet signatures but the "Wizard" program will assist filling out the forms and provide a checklist for supporting documentation and required signatures. This may eliminate multiple trips to Finance as the member would have all and properly filled out document sets.

  • PIPS/eFinance Subpage

    Find answers to the most common pay and travel questions on the AF Portal? The newly launched Financial Services FAQ's are now available on the AF Portal @ Life and Career > Money - Finance Central.

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I have looked over DoDMR Vol7A and with the lack of help from my local finance people; I'm looking for some help with prior enlisted pay. I am ruffly 150 points short of prior enlisted points (I go for points because of being in the guard), but the way I'm reading the reg, it seems to me that once i get the points I will be entitled to the pay as long as i'm within the 0-1 to 0-3 pay grade. Is this true?

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