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TDY Gouge - Philippines


Clark AB Philippines - Blood suckers! I urge you to avoid the Holiday Inn and their attempts to rip you off every chance you get. This place knows that you can't leave base, and will milk you for everything you've got. San Miguel's go for 5X what they go for out in town. The business center's prices are outrageous, and last but not least they will not let you bring anything inside the hotel. The will even search your bags to make sure you haven't brought in outside soda's, beer, or food. They made my whole crew eat across the street when we ordered McDonalds. I highly urge you to take our government's money elsewhere when making arrangements. I would suggest the Monte Vista, or whatever Leonard Jones and company can come up with. Fight the power, avoid the Holiday Inn. ~Holiday Inn definitely takes every opportunity to price gouge travelers. The hotel and adjoining villas are superficially nice but get inside the rooms and realize they're hacked and the upkeep is poor. Service is friendly but you'll get raped on incidental charges. Cab rides are nominal and you can get to the SM mall nearby (15 min) and they have numerous restaurants where you can eat well for a fraction of what you'll pay in the hotel. If you eat in the hotel bar/restaurant and you charge your meal, don't leave a tip on your credit card/room account. The server won't get it as the hotel takes it! If you're worried about that sort of thing and have a heart, discreetly slip them some cash. Asian imports, the gift shop near the air field has the typical PI woodworking crafts, but you can find them in nearby Angeles City for much cheaper. Call home at discount prices - Philippines Calling Cards.

Manila, Philippines - Mandarin Oriental was a Palace! Great rooms, high speed internet, superb breakfast buffet. $2 cab ride to local bars.

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