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TDY Gouge - Malaysia


Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia - The Ritz Carlton is the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in. We got arrangements to stay there made through a guy named Vince at the American Embassy. They treat guests like Kings. When we came back to our rooms after spending some time in downtown KL, our beds were turned down with a cookie and bottled water on the bedstand and slippers placed at the foot of the bed. Any place that's got a phone next to the crapper is awesome. In KL, visit China Town... it's a 2 dollar (10 ringit) taxi ride. The Ritz has a decent bar next to the lobby. IMPORTANT: if you are parked at the military ramp at the airport, then make sure you hit the bathroom before going back to the airport. They don't have nice porcelain, they've got squatters. Squatting's tough to do in a flight suit. Check out the world's tallest building in KL... ~Park Plaza International (6-03-2711-8866) was very nice, a couple of average restaurants in the lobby and the pool/gym are small but other than that it's a palace... very nice rooms, huge bathrooms, etc. Also it is a five minute walk from the Petronas Towers (tall twin towers) and the huge mall that is attached. Chili's in the mall has happy hour from 3-9 and great margaritas. Also try Delaney's Irish Bar (in the Park Royal Hotel)... happy hour from 6-8 with great beer and excellent food. China Town is fun and taxis are the way to travel. Also check out the Bangsar district which has many popular bars and clubs and is very popular with Australians and other tourists.

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