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TDY Gouge - Guam


Anderson AFB, Guam - Outrigger is a very nice hotel with an excellent location - right in the middle of food, entertainment, beach, etc. The only problem with the Outrigger is that checkout can take forever, just plan your alert sequence accordingly. ~Pacific Islands Club (P.I.C.) was fantastic! Excellent crew rest awaits! The PIC is a full resort with snorkeling, swim-thru aquarium, water park, slides, golf, tennis, sailing, etc. Everything you could ask for (which explains why billeting is hesitant to send you there). Each meal is an international buffet, often catering the Japanese vacationers but good food. Noshing at the buffet costs $12-Breakfast, $18-Lunch, and $25-dinner. Military discounts apply, just show your ID at the counter or ask for coupons at the front desk. 24-hour burger bar is ok for a midnight fix. Honor bar is available in your room, but don't buy anything. $5.50 for a can of Pringles? Yeesh! Lots to do if you're into water activities, plenty of fun downtown, and the A/C works VERY well. The PIC is well worth the 30 minute bus ride. You'll never want to leave! ~If you are on-base: The billeting rooms have recently been remodeled. It's a two-room suite with a microwave and refrigerator. If you're stuck on-base with no UDI (typical), you can rent a car at the pax terminal/base ops ($35/day) or ask about the shuttle bus schedule to get around base. Or head to the golf course or the on-base beach (follow the signs on the far side of the runway that say "Beaches"). Oscar's Bar is down at the end of the road across from Turagi Beach. There's typically an Outdoor Rec trailer from which you can rent snorkeling gear for a few bucks. ~On-base is less than spectacular, we had to change rooms due to ants and roaches. Also, the base is spread out so get a rental car or take the shuttle bus. The National Rental Car place at the AMC Terminal will pick you up. FYI, taxi's can't come on base after 9pm so if you get to billeting after then you're screwed since everything else closes (except pizza delivery). If you are stuck there, take a drive around the island (about 3 hours). Also, the base beaches are usually deserted. ~Outrigger/Hilton was a nice place, although the part about checkout taking forever is right on. Ideal location with Hard Rock at the base and across from the Viking and down the street from Club USA, both must do clubs. Get the 5 dollar massage from the older lady at the Viking. Watch out for the maids is you stay on base, our Nav had his clothes stolen and at bus time was calling the maid at home where she had his stuff. Hilton is a bit far down from the action but a nice hotel nonetheless. It's a 10 dollar cab ride to the action, great breakfast buffet downstairs.

~Royal Orchid hotel was a dump! Just got back from several trips though Guam. On the first way though got put up at the Hyatt, downtown. Nice place! Right on the beach and centrally located for all the food and shopping. Second stay got sent to the Royal Orchid..... A dump! The first thing that you notice is the smell. A cross between mold and mothballs; radiates though the entire place, and bad enough that some did not get good crew rest. Second, the place is in need of a remodel. Torn carpet and walls that have pealing paint or patched paint. Finally, the refrigerator in the room was broken and the ice-machine on the floor did not work. During checkout ops called to extend our stay and we then called billeting for another hotel. They threatened to send us to on-base lodging and we figured that it was better than the Orchid... Ended up at the Marriot across the street... Very nice! Plan on walking or taking a cab to get something to eat or for entertainment. Also don't plan on a vehicle from trans unless it is mission essential.

~ Westin Hotel: Good rooms with a good central location in order to walk to fine establishments. G-Spot was by far best "gentlemens" club on the island. Also, stopped in at the VFW post on the base and had a great time; they love to see folks on their way through town and the beer prices were ridiculously low (free at some points). As far as bars go Max and Martis and Bullys were the two which stand out from a week long binge.

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