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  1. tunes

    VA Loans

    so is Marty the new NBOKC?
  2. A 1288 is just a recommendation. Your commander can’t deny separation. Big Blue on the other hand....
  3. tunes

    The new airline thread

    If you are talking about an O-4 board isn’t it a 100% promotion now for AD?
  4. tunes

    The new airline thread

    While i get that, if he does what he’s saying all he does is screw his buddy...likely someone he doesn’t even know. I’m all for benefiting your situation, but you need to get off probation before pulling a stunt like that. As others have said, they cant fire you for mil leave, but it will put a big target on your back and any minor slip up and you are gone. I’m on the mil affairs committee and out of our ~1,500 mil pilots less than 10 are problem children. Just don’t be ‘that guy’.
  5. tunes

    The new airline thread

    Please do us at delta a favor and don’t come here.
  6. there are a couple jobs out there i'd do it with....but i'll never sign up for it since they make you pay back VSP
  7. tunes

    C-5 Galaxy (Fred) info

    AD owns the airplanes but we fly them also. We do intermix crews. Two separate squadrons at Dover though.
  8. tunes

    C-5 Galaxy (Fred) info

    school house is in Dover for now but will be moving to Kelly from what I'm told. Dover is all M's. I believe Travis is as well. Kelly has started to get a few. No clue about AD slots there. I loved it AD, still doing it Reserves. I wouldn't quite say gone a lot. Way less than all the other AMC airframes (minus the C-21)
  9. tunes

    New RPA bases, any updates?

    agreed. I was pretty interested in continuing guard/reserve doing RPAs after getting the airline job. Talked to creech about it and I just can't commit to 6 days a month as a commuter. Living there would be different...hence the would love to do it in CO.
  10. tunes

    New RPA bases, any updates?

    speaking from a Guard/Reserve standpoint
  11. tunes

    New RPA bases, any updates?

    would love for a RPA unit to open up at CSprings
  12. Tunes,

    Thanks for commenting on my AC upgrade post.

    Do you currently fly the C5?

    If so, have you enjoyed flying in the community? What is the ops tempo like? 



  13. C5: 21 months from FP to AC, another 7 months to IP
  14. lucky. I've been trying the past year as a reservist to keep my SCRA stuff with them and it gets denied every time.