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  1. "More than one million service members ... over the next five years". That's a quote from the website. I didn't fact check that number; I agree it sounds high. However, whatever the number you can bet it's going to be many, and the problem remains. We've got a ton of people out of work. This will add to it.
  2. I've been thinking that a large, upcoming problem will be the downsizing of the Military with a weak economy. Expectations are a million folks in the next few years will transfer from Military life to Civilian life. Here's one of the efforts to help with education/housing/jobs, etc. http://www.gotyour6.org/ It's spearheaded by the entertainment industry- not normally our biggest supporters. Good on them though. I do find the comment on helping our service members return to be "assets" rather than "liabilities" offensive.
  3. Killed em with a rock. Fvckin badass.
  4. Wtf? Are they just going to keep re-releasing Superman and Spider Man? Although this one looks like it has potential to be the best Superman, we'll see.
  5. Odd is right. True WTFO?!?! "Having been awakened to his fate, Keisuke feels an energy surge within him and suddenly a large black gun barrel arises from his crotch: the holy genital gun, Zetsurin Buster." Ummmm... What?
  6. Is it bad that all that made perfect sense to me? Except for the part about abort and the MK-82HD. I have no idea what that means (anymore). I can spell JDAM though.
  7. Wtf kind of websites do you search trying to find the end of the Internet? You find the wackiest sh!t dude.
  8. That's fvcking awesome. From the hair to the shades to the big v open chested shirt to the rifle, knife and parrot. Hilarious. Is that John Candy in his younger years?
  9. Agreed. I was only kidding anyway. I still think TTT is arguably the funniest skits I have ever seen. Brilliant.
  10. Man we had fun making those. Why don't you post the real thing? Bitch.
  11. Dude. Do you have ANY idea how to write a post that is short and to the point and not half (or more) a page long?!? It was even worse when you and helodude were rambling on for 20 pages about polls.
  12. Careful what you wish for... But you CAN do both, and the food is delicious.
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