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  1. I would call units you are interested in and seriously just let them know what's going on with you and if doing what you're considering would have a negative impact on the chances towards becoming a pilot with them.
  2. Non-Select 87 PCSM 85 Pilot PPL w/ 120 hrs Congratulations to all that got selected, this was/is a tough year to apply!
  3. How do you update those to show the best overall (except rated)?
  4. Had a sit down with my CC and he didn’t see a PSDM in his inbox/myPers, would that mean non-selection or that MPF hasn’t sent him the PSDM?
  5. the last couple of months have been great, morale high and stress levels low.
  6. After getting over the fact that we weren't going to find out this week, I'm just glad that we have an actual date for release, which is nice. Never thought I would ever say this, but I hope the weekend flys by. 😃
  7. Already building the FY22 Application since it will convene, and release results sooner than this one.
  8. I have .000069% hope that it'll be released tomorrow.
  9. If AFPC only understood that the sooner we find out, the sooner we can continue to be productive at work 😂 @takingamessage I 100% relate to your message. I’m sure we’re all on the same boat thinking how we could’ve made our apps more competitive.
  10. I'm just urging to see how Wednesday becomes Monday next week, and becomes March, and becomes 2022.
  11. I got the info from someone who contacted afpc directly, but they were unable to post the info themselves. I'm on the same boat as everyone, just hoping that info is accurate. We'll find out tomorrow (hopefully).
  12. Here's the latest Barring any catastrophes we should see the CC release on Monday and an official release on the 15th! Happy Friday folks
  13. I have a faint suspicion that CC's are going to find out next Friday at 5pm 😂
  14. The 134th just sent out TBNT emails, I was one of the ones getting it. Best of luck and congratulations to the ones that got extended interview invitations.
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