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  1. Has anyone heard any updates regarding Rushing the ORANG in February?
  2. I asked someone at AFPC and they told me that they have to brief the AFPC/CC at the end of January for his final blessing before any official results are published to either commanders or publicly. Mid February is still the best he could give me in terms of results. This individual also mentioned that due to the delays at UPT the original quota of 75 PIlots for 2021 was severely chopped, but he didn't want to give out numbers due to things being able to change for the better or for the worst at any moment before release. That is the most recent information I've gathered from a reliable so
  3. I called to check where they were in the review process and they told me to expect delays, haven't been selected for a phone interview.
  4. Called Jacksonville this afternoon and they said to expect delays for the telephone interviews as far as mid-August, and for everything else to get pushed to the right.
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