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  1. I have a bro that did A LOT of digging on this discussion. He worked assignments for the Navy and knew someone who worked assignments for the Air Force. I'm not an expert, by any means, but I trust his judgment. Right now, tons of dudes are tracking strike in Navy pilot training due to their shortage. Like the Air Force, about 1/4 of the fighter pilot slots in the Navy are not filled. Approximately 42% (it's a dumb Navy joke, but pretty accurate) of Navy pilots are Fighter Pilots. HOWEVER, most students in the Navy pipeline track helos (approximately 50%). So if you want a fighter, but want to fly fixed wing if you don't track strike, go Air Force. In addition, Navy pilot training is roughly the same hours (I think), but it takes much longer to get to the "winging" ceremony. Approximately 18% of Air Force Pilots are Fighter Pilots. VERY FEW Air Force pilots are helo pilots. Sometimes, you have to be the top in your class to get helos. In addition, the Air Force pipeline is much shorter than the navy pipeline, and tracking is done with only 1 checkride counting for most of your grades in the T-6. The Air Force syllabus at UPT (not ENJJPT) has also been changing A LOT in the past 1.69 years... There are probably tons of T-6 and T-38 instructors on this board that could give you better numbers than me, but it seems that sometimes the top 1-2 guys in an entire squadron roughly 6 flight rooms or "classes" track T-38's, and sometimes the top 7/20 guys in a given "class" track T-38's. Not all guys that track T-38's go fighters, either. As for the Navy numbers, I agree with going to AirWarriors. Probably a great deal of T-6 and T-45 instructors that can give you better numbers, but the Navy doesn't like to give out "drop/assignment night" information like the Air Force bros do. It seems that sometimes only the top guy in the class tracks strike while sometimes half the class tracks strike and half the class tracks helos.
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