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  1. One squadron I reached out to in May told me that AFRC is short of pilots for the KC-135 and C-130, so they recommended applying for those aircraft. Also since I have an unsponsored UPT slot, the C-130 unit at Dobbins and the C-17 unit at Dover contacted me saying they're looking to hire. So those would be good options too.
  2. Interviewed recently with a C-5 unit. Consisted of 7 pilots, super casual, no reporting in, interview was online and took about 45 minutes. 1. Introduce yourself 2. Why did you choose to go into the reserves instead of active duty? 3. How do you handle disagreements in decision making? 4. How would you balance a reservist career with an airline career? 5. Do you understand the time commitment involved, even with being a TR? 6. Everyone these days has good stats. What sets you apart? 7. Give an overview of your flight experience. Did you encounter any challenges during flight training? 8. Have you encountered any unsafe situations while flying? How did you handle them? 9. What are your strongest skills when it comes to flying? 10. Do you have any questions for us? I'd echo Broskees' advice, find a way to tie in your answers to how you'd succeed as a pilot and fit in well in the squadron. Obviously be yourself and answer honestly, but don't be afraid to sell yourself too. Make a strong argument for why you should be the one to get hired.
  3. The highest score I've seen in the 41-60 hour bracket with a 99 pilot AFOQT is a 96. So yeah, you could increase your score by quite a bit if you maxed the TBAS.
  4. They held virtual interviews last week for people who already have UPT slots, and they sent out results a couple days ago. Not sure when they're planning on doing interviews for everyone else.
  5. I was applying to the 135 unit too, they had a board last weekend. Got a no from them unfortunately, so it's on to the next one for me
  6. Anyone heard from Beale about interviews this weekend? I'm assuming it's a no for me since I haven't heard back from them.
  7. I was in a similar situation, had an old but still valid medical. I registered anyway and they gave me a new medical certificate while I was there, so I'd register just to be safe.
  8. I just got back from mine, apparently we were the first group to go through since things shut down at WPAFB due to COVID. We were basically the only ones there, and there were only 9 of us, so things went super fast. I was originally scheduled to go the week of April 6th.
  9. Yeah 200 is really high, but that's what I remember them saying. One thing to consider is the "application" was just emailing them a resume, so there was a pretty low barrier to entry. No need to assemble the usual items like cover letter, letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.
  10. Just heard from the 63rd ARS at MacDill, rushing has been pushed back to the June and July UTAs with interviews in August. In terms of numbers, they said they received over 200 applications, so pretty competitive.
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