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  1. Would be interesting if a Gray Beard whose led a board or sat on a board could chime in and give their 0.02. If the scale is tipped in the favor of the local guy after an interview or if it's strictly business no good old boy politic games.
  2. Congrats, not taking away from your hard work by any means and I'm sure you earned it my man. It just appears from the outside looking in that it was already a done deal, like this guy has hung around the bar and slapped hands with the pilots for 4 years we already know we want him and it would look bad if we went with an outsider. So just sucks going up neck and neck against other good dudes with the only difference being this guy is homegrown. I guess that's the nature of the game. If that's the case I'll take it on the chin and move on, but I really don't think that's always
  3. Quick rant, Any of you off the street or out of towners find it annoying to take time sending applications, spend money to rush and attend boards, only to hear through the grapevine afterwards they went with the local kid from afe or crew chief. Like if that was your pick the whole time why even have a board besides for formality, save me the time and money. Either have a board with only members from your unit or quit putting so much damn emphasis on people just because they’re already in the unit.
  4. Good points, that’s the beauty of the whole thing is it costs energy to produce those blocks and every 4 years the reward is cut in half. Yeah BTC while 12 years in is still kind of equivalent to early stages of the internet, still has a lot of development to happen. BTC was not intended for you to buy chocolate with it as you eluded to due to the high and slow transaction costs, what it lacks with that it gains in security from how the blockchain and cryptology was setup. You should checkout the lightning network and what strike is going to do, if you haven’t already heard about that. Very
  5. Plenty of upside in all of those projects, however, private institutions (smart money) are not buying litecoin, eth, or anything else besides BTC. Also BTC is the only one with a fixed supply—21m coins. Forget bitcoin being used as a world currency, but imagine half of the SP500 companies putting some exposure on their balance sheet, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Merryl, etc. allowing you to invest your 401k in BTC, it will be used as a store of value to fight inflation akin to gold... Just my .02 don’t waste your time on anything besides BTC or ETH unless you’re good at researching undervalued alt
  6. Does anyone have any info on if it is possible to do the RPA or ABM route through the ANG, go to OTS all that, and then switch over to manned flying and go to UPT year or two later after training. Or do you get trapped into the job? Just trying to see if that is a good option in the current flying hiring environment, or if it's just better to keep applying to UPT boards and being patient.
  7. After pursuing the whole "Guard is the best kept secret" route to earning my wings with no avail for the past year, I bit the bullet and called up the line officer recruiter to put in an app for an OTS pilot slot, reason being is AD is so backed up, rated board in June of 2021, OTS dates not until Summer 2022, UPT probably Fall 2022, I wanted to get that clock started in the background while I continue shot gunning apps to Guard/Reserve units. I told the recruiter I had applied to a couple UPT boards with the guard and he said he can't push my AD application in that case, it has to be on
  8. Same here, thought I had a decent shot with them... Good luck to all those who got an interview.
  9. No have not heard back yet. Sent a follow up email today asking if a decision has been made, waiting to hear back from that. Can DM you if I hear something
  10. Think your scores are great dude, PCSM in the 90’s means you’re qualified and would beat out or compete with most other applicants, has been said a lot on this forum pilot section takes the precedence over the other categories so I wouldn’t retake it. Having a background as a crew chief is a huge plus, also how did you make E-6 so quickly? Lol To me that shows you’re able to take on a lot of responsibility, liked among your peers/command, and a motivated person. Nice job.
  11. You got any flight hours under your belt or at least been on a discovery? Did you serve in the military at all? Those are both kind of critical things to gauge your interest. For me having never flown anything besides a dinkey Cessna 172, being in the air is surreal, being a pilot in control of an airplane thousands of feet or a few hundred feet above the ground is a special experience most people will never be lucky enough to experience. I can’t even imagine what’s it’s like going 600+ kts as a fighter or doing cool mobility/tactical pilot shit. If you played sports growing up, that feeling o
  12. Hey all, I know this question has been touched over the decades and before I get crucified on here, I did search through the forum a bit and found the same message of “be a good dude, be yourself, don’t be a douche... etc. I recently got offered an interview with a fighter squadron and also have a good shot with a heavy unit. Besides reading through the interview questions and having a good response for each question ahead of time—so you’re not sitting there in silence when the question “what’s your weakness or when did you mess up in life” is asked and reluctantly say I don’t know
  13. As a UPT hopeful myself, if I were you I’d take the sure thing vs wait for the potential. I’m sure your situation is similar to mine, get a flying position with the AF, location is kind of irrelevant because you don’t have control over that unless you’ve been with a unit for a long while and have some rapport established. I’ve been told many a times if you want to fly you can’t really be picky, I think the COVID environment and airline furlough situation only makes it that much more uncertain. Take the gig. ; ) If you happen to get multiple offers go with what works best for your fam
  14. Seems to be the resounding answer, good point on better to have options vs not having any. My personality has always been more entrepreneurial or I’m going to make something of myself, so the whole burned out at 26 thing is more so I feel trapped in an environment I landed in right out of college and spent the last 4 years involved in, but I don’t know any other occupation except the one I’m currently in which meets one need ($$) but not the others (fulfillment, enjoyment, etc), so yes the grass is looking bright green doing anything else. I’m constantly reminded that the environment I find my
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