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  1. Think your scores are great dude, PCSM in the 90’s means you’re qualified and would beat out or compete with most other applicants, has been said a lot on this forum pilot section takes the precedence over the other categories so I wouldn’t retake it. Having a background as a crew chief is a huge plus, also how did you make E-6 so quickly? Lol To me that shows you’re able to take on a lot of responsibility, liked among your peers/command, and a motivated person. Nice job.
  2. You got any flight hours under your belt or at least been on a discovery? Did you serve in the military at all? Those are both kind of critical things to gauge your interest. For me having never flown anything besides a dinkey Cessna 172, being in the air is surreal, being a pilot in control of an airplane thousands of feet or a few hundred feet above the ground is a special experience most people will never be lucky enough to experience. I can’t even imagine what’s it’s like going 600+ kts as a fighter or doing cool mobility/tactical pilot shit. If you played sports growing up, that feeling of we all got a job to do and being a part of a good team with your best buds, that’s the squadron environment, not to mention the sense of enjoyment you get being a part of something bigger than yourself and taking the fight to people that hate America and you’re on the end of the spear helping that 18yr old with a rifle or delivering critical supplies or whatever. But for me it’s mainly the challenge, the camaraderie and team environment, and I love to fly airlines and want to get paid to do it.
  3. Hey all, I know this question has been touched over the decades and before I get crucified on here, I did search through the forum a bit and found the same message of “be a good dude, be yourself, don’t be a douche... etc. I recently got offered an interview with a fighter squadron and also have a good shot with a heavy unit. Besides reading through the interview questions and having a good response for each question ahead of time—so you’re not sitting there in silence when the question “what’s your weakness or when did you mess up in life” is asked and reluctantly say I don’t know I’ve never thought of that and looking like an idiot and probably losing your spot right there. For someone who feels like he’s got one shot to leave it all out there, how does someone set him/herself apart? Besides the I love America, I have what it takes sort of answers that are probably recited at every board; is there a topic to be an expert on, or a certain personality trait that is desirable to hear someone has from a boards perspective and is indicative of breeding success. I understand it’s not “one thing” but the whole person concept. But as someone who tries hard and wants to make a good impression, how would you prepare if you had to go back in life? Is there a type of person fighter/heavy squadrons are looking for or is it simply whether they think you’re sharp, won’t fail out of UPT, and seem fun to be around. I appreciate any assistance.
  4. As a UPT hopeful myself, if I were you I’d take the sure thing vs wait for the potential. I’m sure your situation is similar to mine, get a flying position with the AF, location is kind of irrelevant because you don’t have control over that unless you’ve been with a unit for a long while and have some rapport established. I’ve been told many a times if you want to fly you can’t really be picky, I think the COVID environment and airline furlough situation only makes it that much more uncertain. Take the gig. ; ) If you happen to get multiple offers go with what works best for your family and long term goals, I don’t think anyone could fault you for that, and toughing a situation out when you’d rather be elsewhere will impact your work and the mission.
  5. Seems to be the resounding answer, good point on better to have options vs not having any. My personality has always been more entrepreneurial or I’m going to make something of myself, so the whole burned out at 26 thing is more so I feel trapped in an environment I landed in right out of college and spent the last 4 years involved in, but I don’t know any other occupation except the one I’m currently in which meets one need ($$) but not the others (fulfillment, enjoyment, etc), so yes the grass is looking bright green doing anything else. I’m constantly reminded that the environment I find myself in does not fill up my tank, not that I can’t do the work, I definitely can but at the end of the day when I go home I just feel drained not in the physical sense of building a home but in the mental sense of I don’t care to do this work. I just don’t want to look back 10 years from now with regret because I was too scared to try something else.
  6. Reagan was the last charismatic leader America has had and that was a long time ago. I am in agreeance with you, I think it's an absolute disgrace that with all the great minds/people in this country, these are the two nutjobs we decided should represent American. I believe we're going to have our equivalent of the French Revolution in a not so future time. Wealth gap keeps widening, socialistic ideas becoming increasingly popular, racial tension... There is so much anarchy and unrest and Americans have become completely us vs them in the two party system.
  7. Since when does “being more human” whatever that means make you a good candidate to run the most successful and empathetic country in modern history. Mother Theresa and Ghandi were ideal humans, don’t think I’d want them making the important decisions tho. I hear this so often I can barely handle it—Trump is evil the other side states. He wasn’t that evil 4 yrs ago when you were inviting him onto your TV shows and staying in his resorts and hotels. As soon as he started playing the politics game and putting his foot down on things he became “evil”, and the mob media has gone to extreme lengths to portray him in that way. While yes I will consent Trump is a major asshole, needs to seriously learn how to play in the middle, be a little more decent and have some tact, but I don’t vote for someone based on if they’re nice people or if I like them, I vote based on the policies they’re wanting to implement and if I agree with them.
  8. Saw that as well. Anyone have intel on what the status is?
  9. Thanks for sending. Anyone have an idea how to get a list of what units are undermanned? Figure it’s tankers in obscure places like Kansas, but would be nice to not waste time applying to units that can’t hire a pilot for multiple years.
  10. My favorite part of the whole debate. “Oh would you shut up man” - Biden speaking to the sitting President of the US.
  11. Can confirm. Was told to reach back out in the spring.
  12. Would like my 1:30 of watching two men ramble and talk over each other back...
  13. Reached out to a few reserve units to ask about pilot openings or their next UPT board and through the course of the convo and exchanging niceties they essentially gave it to me straight saying the previous AFRC board selected 5 of the 70 fully qualified and vetted applicants ~10%. They mentioned they’d sponsor me no problem but it doesn’t really mean anything because the selection rate is so low due to AD taking back some UPT spots, the current backlog of applicants, and the UPT slots are going to the flying units that are under manned. Just seems like going Reserve these days is a pretty bleak prospect with all the variability. Think this is an isolated issue or will it continue to be the case?
  14. Not sure what that recruitor was smoking because that’s the whole point of going reserve, being in control of where you serve and what job you do... Choosing the AFSC will be based on manning/availability so the recruitor should have a good idea of what jobs are available, and depending on if your daughter is dead set on a job even if it isn’t available the squadron may be able to go passed 100% manning in certain situations. TLDR: ask for a different recruitor who’s not a dipshit.
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