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  1. I reached out and they said Interviews already went out, safe to say if you didn’t hear anything they went with someone else.
  2. Is there a job posting for Charleston somewhere? Didn’t see anything for that.
  3. I never saw that job posting advertised. Where did you find it?
  4. Hell yeah dude. Exactly what I needed to hear. Channeling my inner Goggins from here on out. ; )
  5. Honestly glad you got picked up so u can quit stealing the rest of the interviews 😉. You could of just summed it up as you are the ideal candidate every squadron is looking for Lol. Congrats on your hard work and good luck at UPT mate. 👍🏽 I’ve found it difficult to make connections, what’s your approach—try and communicate with the chief pilot and ask to come out for a visit? But in a covid environment just try and give him/her a call and build a relationship that way? I’ve just been sending out apps and hoping for the best, does not seem to be the winning approach.
  6. Hey guys wanted to just poll the group about the success/failures people have been having this year regarding getting an interview or UPT slot. Not sure how everyone else is doing but this yr out of like 10 fighter/heavy units I applied for I only got 1 interview. Was blaming COVID at first but gotta take away that excuse at this point. You dudes/ladies getting picked up for interviews or UPT slots, is it because it was your home unit or you have a 99 PCSM score or were the D1 football captain (hint of sarcasm)? Felt like I had a decent application but with all the TBNT or lack of replies I’ve been getting, feel like I need to go back to the drawing board to understand what I need to focus on more. Or just say to hell with it and do the AD thing. Thanks in advance.
  7. In the same boat as y’all. Maybe we all got interviews and they just haven’t sent them out yet... 😉
  8. Anyone else feel like they’ve been nonstop waiting to hear back from Units since January? I understand COVID, but man the “pending or lack of response” is killing me, I’ll take a yes or no at this point just so I can have my mind at peace and not left in limbo.
  9. Alaska sent out their invitations today. Congrats to all who got one. On to the next one for me.
  10. Retweet on the Tulsa memo. Said they had over 100 apps. On to the next one!
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