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  1. They actually changed this rule this year, you can turn down a rated position and re-apply. However, it was a rule in the past.
  2. There's a good thread on this forum that you can find which track guys are currently getting to get good data on how likely it is to get each airframe. Correct me if I am wrong, but UASs are not a possibility anymore if you go to UPT on the active duty side (they are separate tracks). Also, you can turn down any rated position you are not interested in on the AD side. The way I look at it, apply and worst case you don't get selected, best case you are able to fly in the Air Force...not behind a desk.
  3. Ft. Worth has done a meet and greet (virtually) and the next step will be the in-person interviews, but there hasn't been a date set on that as of yet.
  4. I understand the dilemma..active duty here too, but i've made the decision to go 100% for a fighter position instead of a PCS. I would say that you have a couple of options here: 1. PCA to give yourself some more time without incurring additional ADSC. If you want to fly I would apply to as many boards as possible and do whatever it takes to make it a reality, even the active duty board. 2. If you want to go to the UK do that and keep applying for boards/making yourself more competitive. However, on the GA side I don't know much about flying in the UK, but rumor is that it is considerably more expensive and there are less days of VFR weather so your flying experience might be hampered. Also a large downside is the fact that you won't be able to visit units as frequently. 3. There's always the Palace Chase option that might keep you from being "locked in" for 2 years and if you think of the hiring timeline...it will likely take about a year on average to get through, so I wouldn't stop applying/visiting units. Bottom line, think of where you want to see yourself in 5 years and set yourself up for that as best as possible. Hope this helps, I understand coming from AD can make it a bit tricky when the career progression values frequent PCSs on the officer side it makes it hard if you spend a year or two applying, especially coming up on your VML.
  5. I had the same question about a point credit summary. I am AD Air Force and have never heard of it before. I talked to someone in the guard and they said I don't have one, so I think it is for Guard/Reserve folks only
  6. Everything non mission essential Air Force wide is on hold right now (most people are teleworking), so I doubt we will hear much aside from all these boards/interviews being postponed for awhile. I do feel like not hearing any news is better than being told "no thanks". Some units are not allowing their people to leave the local area, so traveling to interviews/rushing squadrons is also a no-go for a lot of active duty until mid-May
  7. Was this during your FC 1 or during MFS? In any case, see if you can try and take the test again...if not, fight it until you can't anymore. Not sure if you are hired yet, but asking around within a squadron or knowing someone in the AF that can help you out would be huge.
  8. Tulsa will likely send out invites this week sometime. I doubt they wouldn't at least give some notification to everyone either way.
  9. I am looking for a comparison between the ANG hiring process vs the Air Force reserve UPT hiring process for active duty. Hopefully this will help others who are going to apply from active duty, as I know ADSC and PCS cycles can be really important in this process. Specifically: 1. Are you looking for me to immediately to leave active duty once you hire me, or would I stay on active duty until my UPT dates? 2. I understand the paperwork process is different in the ANG and AF reserves. Is it easier to transition from active duty to the reserves than to the guard, vice versa, or pretty much the same? 3. How much leeway is there in getting hired and officially separating from active duty? (i.e. if I get hired when I have 6 months left on my ADSC, and I get UPT dates for 9 months is it possible just to palace front at that 6 month time frame or would you want a transition as quick as possible?) This is of course assuming all the other boxes have been checked. Thanks for all the help! This forum has been clutch during this process.
  10. Patience is the key dude. From my limited experience (applied to 5 places so far) the average wait time from application turn in to notification of interview/no thanks is greater than a month. For the "no thanks" notifications it is usually a shorter timeline. If you haven't received any info yet that is possibly a good thing.
  11. What I've heard (beginning of February) is that they are going to let people know in about a month about the meet and greet and/or application. My thought is that they had a high number of applicants and wanted to narrow it down sooner rather than later and they are working the details of the meet and greet. I'd imagine we would probably hear something shortly after their March UTA either way.
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