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  1. I didn't know they had a UPT board this year. Did you just call someone from the squadron to find out about it?
  2. Just saw this post, glad to see some fellow Frogs are pursuing the same goal! Feel free to DM me your cover letter and I can take a look if you're still interested. I've gotten some fighter interviews so far so I may be able to help you out. The Air Force and TCU are small worlds, you never know who you'll meet, hope to see ya in future interview weekends!
  3. Yeah man, Jax sent out the invites already.
  4. I know it's been about a week since this was asked, but has anyone heard back from Jax yet since the video submissions?
  5. First, you aren't far behind anyone. Any current USAF pilot you've ever met has had to get their degree first and you've got to focus on that right now. Secondly, if you are trying to go active duty, I would join AFROTC ASAP if that is your goal. Once you have passed your sophomore year it becomes much more difficult to commision soon after graduation. As long as you are medically qualified and a pretty good student that is easily the most surefire way (in the current climate) to go. Finally, like Bigred said in the first comment, there is an age limit for flying in the USAF that comes much sooner than your medical career age limit. If you want to find what you really are passionate about, the flying has to be the first thing you try.
  6. Just heard Boise board is still happening as planned
  7. I posted a similar question a few weeks ago. Seems like the consensus is that it was the end of the fiscal year and boards are just not advertising as much. However, I have had similar experiences to you. I’ve reached out to a few units I was interested in. The typical response follows the same lines of 1. We won’t have a board for awhile (without a specific timeline) 2. A lot of guys aren’t retiring so we don’t need to fill as many spots. Mind you this was in both the reserve and guard squadrons but the general theme is the same...a lot of uncertainty about the future boards
  8. The latest update ~a week ago said the issues are above the hiring board process so possibly still working through COVID issues. On another another note...for the JAX phone interviews, has anyone gotten a call about scheduling their phone interview yet? Just making sure i'm not missing anything
  9. I think it's a combination of factors going against us. More applicants with delayed boards being the biggest one. Here's probably the top three that i've seen: 1. Increase in applicants this year across the board 2. COVID played a huge factor in not being able to rush squadrons that might have allowed it 3. Many boards cancelled/delayed/not responding makes it seem like we aren't getting interviews I've applied to 8 fighter squadron boards this year: 2 Interviews 2 Denies 2 Past the first round, but still waiting to hear back 2 Still waiting to hear back (1 board cancelled that I was going to apply to) I have consistently heard in the interviews/feedback that basically everyone they are interviewing would get a slot somewhere in previous years. The applicant pool is just so good it is tough to choose. However, there's been dudes in previous years who have sent out 68 apps for years and just happened to get picked up on the 69th, so it definitely can be a long wait. I would reach out to the places you got denied and ask what you could do better, all the places i've reached out to have been willing to give feedback. Hope this helps!
  10. I reached out a couple weeks ago as well and haven’t heard anything since either. I also got the message that we should hear within a couple weeks either yes/no. All the boards I’m currently in the application process with are in a similar type situation (delayed) so I wouldn’t count yourself out just yet. With 3 units in Hawaii you would think they would interview quite a few people so it is interesting there hasn’t been any finality from anyone on here in regards to that board.
  11. Here's to hoping you're both correct. It just seems that with the postponements/cancelling of boards coinciding with airline furloughs we might be in for some slim pickings here soon. I'm thinking there have to be quite a few airline pilots who are looking for full time orders in these squadrons and with the requirement for seasoning new UPT grads to be on full time orders they would rather give those orders to the guys who have been there awhile. Regardless, it doesn't affect the motivation to apply, just helpful to reset expectations of what might be available.
  12. Completed the daily browse of Bogidope and if you look today, there is an eerily small list of UPT boards coming up. My question is: Because of the airline furloughs do you think UPT boards for the ANG/AFRES will not happen as frequently as pilots return to their squadrons looking for full time orders? I understand there will always be a need for younger Lts in the squadrons, but could we see that need be significantly reduced if the squadron manning as a whole increases?
  13. They actually changed this rule this year, you can turn down a rated position and re-apply. However, it was a rule in the past.
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