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  1. Off the street Guard/Fighter Board: November 2020 Hired: November 2020 (last week, still waiting to hear back from recruiter) MEPS: ??? FC1: ??? OTS: ??? UPT: ??? FTU: ??? Quick Question: After you guys swear into the unit, what can you do for the squadron in terms of support/work? Are they still giving rides to people after they swear in to get used to the airframe? Or is that just yesterdays AF.
  2. Just got the denial email from Hawaii boys. Congratulations and good luck to those who got selected! Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  3. Business casual with some nice dress shoes is usually the go to. Don’t be the only dingus showing up in a suit lol. As far as gifts: it’s usually an alcohol donation to the bar, but I would check with your hiring POC if it’s kosher to bring some. Also seen donuts and coffee being donated which was well received. Good luck dude!
  4. Multiple interview sessions are not uncommon. They’re probably just narrowing down the candidates. Take it as a win that you got the second invite!
  5. I'm assuming the week of Nov. 14th people will hear back from Hawaii. They said it will take 2 months to get back with acceptance and denials. Got some beta that last year it took 4 months. It's all about patience at this point.
  6. Might have missed this in the thread, but did Boise pull their upcoming board because of covid? Just saw that their posting on BogiDope was taken down.
  7. Fill out only the applicant portion 🤙🏻
  8. Hawaiis interviews are next weekend. Its safe to assume at this point that they’ve got their picks. And to echo what [mention=80522]CavGuy[/mention] said; I’ve only gotten a TBNT from only a handful of units. Kinda sucks not to hear back, but press on and keep improving those apps. Keep applying boys.
  9. I believe since every IP needs 'seasoning' for two years before they can upgrade, it's referring to that. Just a a guess though.
  10. Anyone have any intel on how many invites went out from Hawai and/or how many slots are being offered?
  11. @Terminator5lf Thanks dude, that answered my question perfectly.
  12. Has anyone applying for Tuscon done the DD 396 record check?
  13. Fresno’s hiring May 2020 https://www.144fw.ang.af.mil/Resources/Pilot-Boards/
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