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  1. Thanks, let me re-phrase the question. I want to submit 3 letter of recommendation, I have two already, from an F16 pilot, and my mentor/737 captain. Need advise on which one should be the third one included, SAS Col, F111 Driver, or another airline pilot.
  2. Thanks for all the info, especially with rushing, I'm basically doing that with the nearest fighter unit. About the letter of recommendation, I have a few options for the 3rd one: retired SAS Col, retired AF Lt. Col/F111 driver, another airline pilot (SAS Col. knows me the best). Which would you recommend?
  3. Thanks, didn't remember off hand if it did, or was just looked at as a separate part of the whole person concept. do you know if my 2 GPA number will be combined, or if the later one will be used?
  4. Oops, I thought that was in there, fixed. Thats what I'm trying to do.
  5. Hello everyone I'm a current regional airline pilot trying to get a pilot slot with a guard fighter unit. Age: 22 Finishing BS in Aeronautics from ERAU (should be finished end of Q2/beginning of Q3 2020) GPA: 2.94 from one year of community college, 4.0 from ERAU, I'm not sure if these will be combined into one, info appreciated AFOQT: Scheduled for mid next month, I will update this section when my results come through. restricted ATP with 2000 hours, 500 airline hours, current CFI/CFII LOR's from retired USAF Lt. Col./F16 driver, AA 737 captain/mentor, haven't decided on third person One year experience as CFI/CFII, year and a half with the airlines As far as 'extra curriculars' go: ALPA P2P for my airline 6 years in CAP, started as a cadet, current senior member captain, national flight academy instructor, worked FEMA missions for Hurricane Harvey, RPA escort pilot Just looking for your opinions and thoughts on my chances going forward, and any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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