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  1. Do you have POC info for DC? I finished my degree in December, and have been trying for the last few months to contact someone there, but no dice.
  2. So about rushing, I've visited two units (dream unit, and a secondary), but all of the rest have said they will not schedule visits for applicants. I'm not sure if there's a way around that, but I also don't want to come across as someone who feels the rules don't apply to them (most of my apps also went out in the spring, so COVID played a role in that). Since you're very experienced with all of this, how does rushing typically work? I can't imagine you just show up if the website says visits aren't allowed. All the retired and still in people I've talked to said, unprompted, that my atti
  3. Thanks, November isn't far away thankfully, so I'll know one way of another.
  4. I talked with bogidope before I sent out any apps, so all of my apps have cover letters and resumes that are BD reviewed. I've also had some AF pilots (currently in and retired) read them over as well. I've been nervous about the amount of hours, but there's nothing I can do about that. I was also think the degree was the issue, but based on what I've read/heard, if you're within a few months, that problem seems to go away. Is the degree the issue maybe? Also, your take on enlisting? Read the above, thanks.
  5. Hello everyone, So, in the last 9 months, I've applied to pretty much every fighter opening with no bites. It's been a little discouraging, so I'm looking for some updated opinions/feedback. I'm a current regional airline pilot trying to get a pilot slot with a guard fighter unit. Age: 23 Finishing BS in Aeronautics from ERAU (finished by the end of November) GPA: 2.94 from one year of community college, 3.81 from ERAU AFOQT: Pilot-99, Nav-99, AcadApt-70, Verbal-79, Quant-56 PCSM: 94 ATP with 2625 hours, 1072 airline hours, current CFI/CFII, ta
  6. Just got the 'thanks but no thanks' email from Tulsa.
  7. Thank you much, with all the holidays I figured they were still going through things, but wanted to be sure.
  8. How common is it for pilots to transfer units after a few years, and how difficult of a process is it? I done know any who has done this, so I'm just trying to get an idea of what happens, and if it might be frowned upon. Thanks.
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