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  1. Just got the 'thanks but no thanks' email from Tulsa.
  2. Thank you much, with all the holidays I figured they were still going through things, but wanted to be sure.
  3. Anyone heard anything from the 176th/Madison?
  4. How common is it for pilots to transfer units after a few years, and how difficult of a process is it? I done know any who has done this, so I'm just trying to get an idea of what happens, and if it might be frowned upon. Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone, I made some edits and wanted some additional guidance/answers to questions. I'm a current regional airline pilot trying to get a pilot slot with a guard fighter unit. Age: 23 Finishing BS in Aeronautics from ERAU (should be finished end august/september) GPA: 2.94 from one year of community college, 3.85 from ERAU AFOQT: Pilot-99, Nav-99, AcadApt-70, Verbal-79, Quant-56 PCSM: 94 ATP with 2550 hours, 1000 airline hours, current CFI/CFII LOR's from retired USAF Lt. Col./F16 driver, AA 737 captain/mentor One year experience as CFI/CFII, year and a half with the airlines As far as 'extra curriculars' go: ALPA P2P and scheduling committee for my airline 6 years in CAP, started as a cadet, current senior member captain, national flight academy instructor, worked FEMA missions for Hurricane Harvey, RPA escort pilot I've currently applied to 7 units since December, with all being 'thanks but no thanks.' I've asked for some feedback, but haven't gotten any, so I figured it at least update things here and cast around for some additional info. New Questions With everything going on in the aviation world, and me being reasonably young, I'm seriously considering enlisting, both for the secure income source, and to check another resume box. The unit I would be enlisting in would be my 'dream' unit. Is this a wise course of action or no? If you think I should enlist, what MOS should I have (crew chief, weapons, and life support and been mentioned). Thanks Edits:
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