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  1. I just wanted to add that you are not too late to join AFROTC if that interests you. You mentioned that you are about to start your sophomore year; you can join ROTC your sophomore year. I recently commissioned through AFROTC and am headed to UPT. Let me know if you have any questions and I can try to help out!
  2. Just spoke with Blanks a few days ago and they decided to push the board out to the Fall.
  3. Boise sent out interview invites! Congrats to everyone, looking forward to seeing you all there!
  4. KEND 20-01/20-02 T-1 U-28 Hurlburt Field C-146 Duke Field KC-135 Fairchild x2 KC-135 Macdill KC-135 Kadena KC-135 Tinker (Reserve) KC-10 JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (Reserve) C-17 JBLM C-5 Travis HC-130J Davis-Monthan C-130J Little Rock x2 E-3 Tinker T-38 F-16 Luke x2 A-10 Davis-Monthan T-6 FAIP E-3 Tinker
  5. Can confirm that the supplements board this month will only have slots for ABM/RPA, our colonel officially called the dudes trying to get picked up by the supplemental. Don't have gouge on the Spring board though.
  6. Awesome to hear that dudes from previous ROTC Reserve boards found sponsorship. Thank you for your help!
  7. Just like ayz33 stated, yes. I am senior in college and cadet in AFROTC. AFROTC/the Reserve holds a new-ish board during the Fall of a cadet's junior year where if selected, you commission into the Reserve. It's an unsponsored board (just like the civilian one), so we still have to find a squadron. What is different though is AFROTC considers some different things when selecting cadets for pilot slots (CC ranking, Field Training ranking, etc.).
  8. Thank you everyone for the help and advice! I will definitely retake the AFOQT and continue to visit as many squadrons as I can. Just trying to find a place I fit in best! I know this really shouldn't be a consideration (though its come up while rushing in the past), but any communities that chicks fit in better to or is it just a personality thing? Thanks again!
  9. Good evening everyone! I am a cadet in AFROTC and got picked up by the unsponsored Reserve Rated Board last Fall. Since then I have been applying to and rushing squadrons, but I am not sponsored yet. My dream has always been the CAS mission; however, I have not landed an interview with a fighter squadron (largely do to my scores). Initially I did not have my PPL and only had 7 flight hours, so this summer I got my PPL and I am up to 62 flight hours. My PCSM is 69 with an AFOQT pilot score of 73; I did not have any flight experience when I took the AFOQT. I am scheduled to retake the AFOQT soon, but my AFROTC cadre have asked me multiple times if I am sure I want to retake the AFOQT as a 73 pilot by AFROTC standards is not bad. I will be commissioning May 2020 and I am hoping to be sponsored before I begin UPT. I am looking for some advice as to if I should risk retaking the AFOQT? Would it be possible to be sponsored anywhere with my current scores? I have been studying, but since my cadre have questioned me retaking it I am a little bit nervous. I am not entirely ready to give up my dream of CAS, but I absolutely have not ruled out heavies or rotary. Any general advice for a young college student that is trying to decide what to fly and where to live? Thank you for your time and I apologize if this was posted in the incorrect discussion area.
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