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  1. Long story short. I didn't grow up wanting to be a pilot. I didn't go to air shows. As a matter of fact, I have never even seen a jet in real life. I thought the medical field was my calling for longer than I can remember, so all my time and resources went into that. I am now in the second semester of college studying chemical engineering and wish to be a military pilot more than anything. Do I stand a chance with the other aspiring aviators that have been dreaming about this before they could even walk ? There is a whole lot more to the story but I thought it is not helpful to the opinions I am seeking. I have done all the research I could on the process of pilot selection in the past 2 years. Right now I am just looking to see what people think of my current position. Am I too late for such hopes ? Do I have time to redeem myself ? Is it too optimistic to hope for a pilot slot right out of college (ANG or OTS) ? Cheers !
  2. Hello everyone ! I recently decided to dedicate my whole heart and soul towards becoming a military pilot. Apologies if I'm being ignorant at any point or just straight up being dumb, I did a lot of research but there is still more to learn. Little background on myself : I am starting my sophomore year in college soon with a major in Biochemistry. Started my first semester on the wrong foot with a terrible 2.7 gpa but manage to raise it to 3.2 the following semester; and I plan on getting it much higher. Didn't really have the option to join ROTC or USAFA since I just got my citizenship this summer, and I didn't have the grades. With that in mind, my chances of getting a pilot slot aren't looking well currently, nevertheless get hired by a squadron. So here come the ultimate questions : What can I do to raise my chances ? When should I get the AFOQT ? When/How do I start preparing ? Is there an internship program for students where I can get in touch with a squadron ? I think I heard of something similar from friends but I couldn't find any information. I have enough money to fly gliders but not for a PPL. Should I start now and rack up more flying hours in gliders, or just save a bit more and get my license ? Should I major in something easier or continue with what I like ? Science is my passion and I'm not steering away from any challenges, but if getting into an easier major will get me closer to my dream then so be it. When should I start rushing squadrons ? and more importantly, how do I get started ? There are no fighter squadrons in my vicinity so there will be some traveling to do. There is only a C-130 base in my state but they are very clear on their website saying they don't want any visitors unless hiring (not sure because of corona or just in general). There is also a B-2 squadron in the neighboring state, but one could only dream to get hired by them. Last but not least, is it too ambitious to hope for a pilot slot straight out of college ? The original plan was to keep my grades high and raise money to get a PPL, while getting in touch with every squadron I can and hope they like me. Yet, the way the world is currently running it might make things harder. Thank you in advance for any help, I really appreciate it !
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