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  1. I just got picked up yesterday by a heavy guard unit. I did much worse on my verbal score than you did but had a 90 pilot score. I've only had 2 interviews after applying to 4 units, both interviews with my hiring unit but a thorough 1 on 1 meet and greet for an A-10 unit and was never once asked about my verbal score. Be prepared to defend that score but also laugh about it when the time is right. In regards to your PCSM, my 201+ score is a 96 with a 90 pilot score. If you retake the TBAS you might be able to bump your PCSM a few points but a 90 PCSM at 81 hours is already a great score. Keep working hard and try to be patient, that's the hardest part.
  2. Would you guys say the drastic increase in apps is across the board or mainly for fighters vs. heavies?
  3. One question that I've been asked and have seen on here quite a bit, "Are you applying to any other units?". What is the most common reason for this question? Are they looking to see if you are only applying to them or that specific plane/mission, or do they want to see you are shotgunning applications and pursuing your dream of becoming a pilot in the Air Guard and maybe they should pick you up now before another unit does? Thank you to everyone on here for sharing your stories and feedback, these threads have helped me prepare tremendously with meet and greets, interviews, etc. Cheers!
  4. Hey ViperChief, Any luck on last year's 193rd board?
  5. Any recommendations for finding upcoming UPT boards other than bogidope and reaching out to units specifically?
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