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  1. Long story short. I've been accepted for CSO for the Active Air Force after being forced to pick it as an alternate choice to Pilot. It's not what I wanted, but it's still an honor to be selected, and I've heard from friends in the Air Force that it's not uncommon to go from CSO to Pilot once you're already in for 3 or 4 years. Problem is I'm currently 28 with 5 years prior enlisted service and I might need an age waiver if I want to switch to pilot. I ALSO have an Active Duty Package in with the Navy. The board is set to meet the 3rd week in May 2020 with the results being released the 4th week. This package is only for pilot. I have a pretty good chance of getting it, but I definitely do not want to close the door on the Air Force for good and find out I didn't get accepted to the Navy and have no options left. My question is, how long do you have after you are selected in the Air Force before you are required to give them an answer, either accepting or declining? Is there an AFI that says this somewhere? I have heard that you have until the next fiscal year before you give them an answer but I am not positive. Thank you for your time.
  2. I am 28 years old. Single, never married, no kids. My GPA is not strong. 2.57 for Psychology. However, I graduated in 2013 and I've since served 5 years in the Marine Corps as a Meteorologist, Operational Aviation Forecaster, have been trained as a first responder, and accumulated over 50 hours in a single engine aircraft all on my own dime. My Pilot and Nav scores are 91 and 94 respectively. My PCSM Score was 73, but I recently re-took the test. I've also accumulated 61 flight hours (twice what I had with my old score). My new score has been bumped up to 88. I have letters of Recommendation from 4 Marine Corps Aviators (1 Col, 2 LtCols, 1 Capt), and my Supervising officer for the majority of my Marine Corps Career who is a Chief Warrant Officer 5. I tried to go Active Duty Air Force, but I was selected as a Navigator and I turned it down because that is not what I want to do. I was required to pick a second choice. For me it's pilot or bust, even if I have to choose another branch. I just really like the Air Force's core mission and places you can be stationed better than say the Navy or Marine Corps. I understand my GPA is weak, but I've done so much to improve myself since graduating college. Will Guard and Reserve Units take my "whole person concept" into consideration?
  3. The Air Force to me seems more space oriented and I’m more interested at air doctrine over than sea power projection. I know that’s more “big AF and big Navy” but I’m less interested in the ocean-focus of the Navy. I’m more of a mountains guy. Also the deployment schedule of the Navy seems like it’s really not conducive to fostering a new relationship or raising a family as a single guy. That’s really my big worry as I am 28.
  4. Looking for anyone that knows of or has been through this process. I have a few pilot friends in the Air Force who have all told me they know of at least 3 or 4 individuals that have done this which leads me to believe it’s a more common process than I originally thought. I understand that after pinning on your CSO wings, there is a minimum requirement of 2.5 years as a CSO before you’re allowed to request a switch to Pilot. I have also heard that the age limit is 33, but is being raised to 35. Are waivers available for this? With Air Force Aviation being what it is with the current pilot shortage, could we see this become a more common thing in the future? What I mean by that is, would the Air Force be more willing to entertain pulling new pilots from already Rated individuals over off the street officers? I ask because I’ve been trying to fly for almost 10 years and have just been accepted as a CSO but currently also have a Pending Navy pilot package in with a good chance of being selected this April. But the Air Force mission is really the mission I’m more passionate about.
  5. I’m wondering what metrics they identify to determine who is best at what when it comes to CSO tracks. For combat stuff or bombs I’m guessing being able to identify structures and features and a high level of spatial awareness is key to putting bombs on target.
  6. Are there certain platforms that will no longer have CSO's moving forward into 2020-2021?
  7. Currently 28 years old and have 30.4 hours of flight time.
  8. Long story short: Prior service Marine Weather guesser. Spent the last 10 years trying to become a pilot. Was AFROTC in college, didn't get selected for field training. Applied to Marine OCS, contracted, but not selected for OCS 3 times. Enlisted, got numerous inter-service transfers approved but had recruiter troubles. Recruiter was negligent in submitting package before deadline and EAS'd before the following deadline without telling me, right before I was deploying. Started Navy OCS application during deployment. Was injured on deployment requiring surgery. Spent remainder of my enlisted contract recovering. Summer 2019. Applied to Active duty Air Force for pilot. Again, recruiter would not board my package unless I selected at least 2 choices. Pilot was first and CSO was second. I was just recently selected for CSO but have not yet accepted. Since the Air Force delayed the results 4 months, I had already built an Air Force Reserve package with the intention of going back to school to get my Masters after training. The main question: I really wanted to fly full time but it looks like Guard/Reserve is my only option if I want to stay Air Force. Is it possible to go unsponsored to UPT and then switch over to active duty? I understand that there is a Reserve program where you can be on active status in the reserves for up to 4 years, but I am interested in switching over to active duty. Can you do it in UPT or would you have to wait until after you have made it to your reserve unit? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  9. My reservist recruiter did mention this. Something about being on active orders for up to 4 years. I'm not sure what the FAIP program is though. Could you please explain that?
  10. Is it possible to switch from a reserve contract to an Active Duty contract if you cannot find a unit to sponsor you? This happened to me. My recruiter said he would not submit my application to board without selecting at least two. I picked Pilot and CSO. I was just selected for CSO for the 2019OT03 Board. I do not want to accept. Will I still be able to apply to guard or reserves?
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