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  1. Would love to toss my name into the hat. Thank you for doing this!
  2. How are you testing yourself? In the CCT it will start with the easier ones and get harder as you get them correct. You might be able to find a private office that has a CCT (rare) but those scores will not be accepted. I am actually pretty sure that scores at a standard flight med wont even be taken if they're close to the limit, or if you have failed it in the past. In that case if you do pass at your local flight med i think they'll send you to MFS at WPAFB. Not 100 percent sure though.
  3. Damn, way to persevere, and what an incredible outcome. Excellent advise for anyone that is reading! Ended up passing the CCT with flying colors somehow... even exceeded the mins. FC1 now sits at AETC! While I am here... if anybody needs advise on how to best prepare yourself for a CCT, hit me up. I have strategies!
  4. Stuckindayton, you know a lot about this stuff! Do you see the AF adopting the OBVA CCT like the one in the video sometime soon? I have read some buried AFRL reports stating that they think the Rabin CCT is flawed because clinics use regular, non standardized PC monitors. "Because the current Rabin CCT uses inexpensive displays, the colors will be less stable over time and across different devices than a high-quality monitor. The OBVA CCT mitigates these problems by using a high-quality inplane-switching monitor, which has stable colors over wide angles and over time." source: https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a635957.pdf
  5. Hello, Took the CCT twice as a cadet (R: 45 red, 70 green, 95 blue L: 45 red, 85 green, 95 blue) so I was obviously well out of limits and did not even try for a waiver/ETP anything. The flight medicine folks at USAFA let me try again and I scored (R: 45 red, 90 green, 100 blue L: 55 red, 100 green, 100 blue), so I got better and (now) within limits for everything except right-red. These tests were in 2014, since then I have had LASIK (done at USAFA) and the reg has changed. If I go in to try and get a FC1 now are they going to look back at my old cadet scores or will they test me again? I will go to Peterson to have the physical completed. I tried harder and improved last time, so maybe I can squeak out a little more! For those interested, to score better on the CCT take it as early in the day as you can. I took mine at 6:47AM. I walked to the clinic in the dark and tried to rest my eyes as much as I could. Older brother (Viper Test guy) said eating a bunch of chocolate before the test will help (probably not scientifically, but i was definitely less sad afterwards). Also, apparently you can practice on the machine (Innova ProVideo CCT Plus at USAFA) before you take it! I did not know this, but I would take advantage of that. -D. Bell 16
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