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  1. I was given some great advice regarding this approach. I think it's important to be well-prepared but not come off as overly rehearsed/mechanical. To that end, the advice given to me was: for each question you saw online or could think up, come up with 2-3 solid ideas to build a response out of. These could be simple bullet point ideas that would allow you to organize your thoughts and have structure to your response, but would give you the freedom to build a conversation rather than sounding like it's scripted. Plus, I've found that when I try to script responses out, stumbling on a small part of it can throw the whole thing off; instead, if you have a structure but the freedom to fill in the gaps, it can allow you to control the timing and read the room a bit more. Ultimately though, you've got to make sure you're not trying to fit yourself into an image you think they want; that just never comes off as genuine, in my opinion. Another bit of advice that went along with that was: show how you demonstrated a quality. For example, rather than just saying "I'm hardworking and dedicated", give examples of how you demonstrated great work ethic and dedication to a task (e.g., through excelling in a challenging field of study, as evidenced by these grades or these awards or these projects that you led, etc.). I never did the Bogidope interview prep course, but have heard really great things from some of the dudes on the circuit about this.
  2. Is this also true even if you were hired by your company prior to your enlistment? I've been looking for a definitive answer as to whether this true, since it would be great to have the fallback during potentially months-long gaps between training phases. I just figured that if I wasn't enlisted already when I was hired by my company, they have no obligation to hold that up.
  3. Hey dude, I just want to echo a bit of what's already been said. I'm currently an engineer, and it is by all means an awesome job and a blessing during the current socioeconomic situation. But I can totally relate to your feeling unfulfilled and wanting to do what you are really passionate about -- that's a story/sentiment I've heard a ton while on the circuit. That being said, I would also throw my 2c in and say now is not a great time to quit a stable job, especially when I think you can still be equally effective at rushing squadrons and going all out for that dream, while still maintaining some stability and financial flexibility. I was selected in early 2020 for a Guard squadron, and I am still going through all of the onboarding hurdles (haven't got OTS dates or FC1 scheduled yet). When I was first selected, I thought about resigning from my current job and just focusing on getting prepped for the next steps -- really glad I didn't, because this is definitely a hurry up and wait game. Feel free to DM me if you want to chat any more about this. Good luck!
  4. Is this a thing that can help if you bring it up in the appropriate channels with your unit? I'm definitely on that bubble where I'm starting to worry about running up on age restrictions, especially given all the rumors of delays in the training pipeline.
  5. Figured I'd post here as therapy during this lovely hurry-up-and-wait game! I hope you all are doing well during these crazy times! Hired off the street for a Guard fighter squadron. AFOQT/TBAS: December 2018 UPT Board: May 2019 (selected as alternate) Alternate to primary: got the call for the big leagues February 2020. MEPS completed and signed off: May 2020 Enlisted and gained by the unit: June - July 2020 NGB approval for FC1 and OTS: still waiting FC1: ??? OTS: ??? IFT: ??? UPT: ??? IFF: ??? FTU: ??? Stay safe out there!
  6. Hey all, First time posting here, just wanted to say best of luck to everyone making their way through the UPT circuit and interviews! If anyone is traveling to DC this weekend for the 121st drill weekend and wants to get together for a drink, feel free to DM. I’m from CA, first time in DC.
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