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  1. Any doctors here currently doing a physician job in the civilian world and also flying guard/reserve? What speciality do you practice and what age did you start UPT training?
  2. Can ANG/Reserve pilots go to Test Pilot School? How is it viewed from a squadrons perspective? When is the best time to do it? Know anyone that has done it?
  3. Congrats on the interview! Did you make a squadron visit?
  4. They stated the drills are full, but received my app. Wondering if that’s an automatic out?
  5. Does anyone have an excel spreadsheet for contact info each ANG/AFR unit? I was going to start a shared excel sheet and list dates of meet and greets etc. Try to prevent squadrons from being bombarded with similar emails.
  6. Anyone hear gouge of places have meet and greets now? Asking before I email all the places.
  7. Anyone hear word from Fresno 194th F15? New Orleans 122 F15? Montana 186 C130?
  8. or they are giving us extra review 😉 ...prob realistically slipped through the crack. I going to send them an email and ask.
  9. Interesting haven’t heard anything. Have the “got it” email from Maj Maddox in Feb.
  10. Negative. They sent out invites and tbnt emails?!
  11. Yes I have, said will be in touch soon! Good luck.
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