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  1. Yeeyee

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    Can anyone confirm the 303rd Reserve squadron delayed their board until November? Bogidope still shows April 15th.
  2. Yeeyee

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    Just to confirm that's the A-10 Reserve squadron over at Whiteman?
  3. Yeeyee

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    What squadron is it?
  4. Yeeyee

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    I’ll definitely be dropping an application if I can get these AFOQT and TBAS tests done. I’ll be an off-the-street applicant, so it may be a little difficult, but I’m only 22 and fly for a regional airline so perhaps I have a chance. How do they know that there won’t be as many applicants this year?
  5. Yeeyee

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    I wonder when the last time they hired B2 pilots over at the 131st bomb squadron in Missouri. Would totally be interested in dropping an application for them. On another note, I'm finding it incredibly difficult trying to schedule the AFOQT and TBAS tests. I was finally able to meet with an Air Guard recruiter to fill out the Request for Examination paperwork only to to get denied at my local MEPS station...
  6. Yeeyee

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    Are you talking about Whiteman AFB in Missouri? I had no clue they fly A10s, thought it was just B2's. On another note, do you guys know what qualities a unit is looking for? I'm having someone write me a letter of recommendation today and he asked.