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  1. Interesting. I may send the 131st a resume and see what happens.
  2. Any information on the bomber squadrons within the Guard/reserve? I believe there is one B2 (ANG), one B52 (AFRC), and one B1 (AFRC) squadron. I can’t find any information on when/if they hold UPT boards. Or if they had in the past. But I’m highly interested in flying them.
  3. Recruiter with them said invites are only for those selected for an interview.
  4. @admdelta@JabroniWizard How did y’all find out? Still no word for myself
  5. For those of you applying to the 114th and 123rd FS's, (Portland and Klamath Falls OR, respectively) are you combining applications or are you making 2 separate ones?
  6. I’ve already contacted the recruiters, they forwarded me to the squadron but no response back from them.
  7. Boise sent out an email for those that didn’t get an interview. Nothing on Madison either.
  8. 🕺🤘 I really appreciate you doing this @benfng
  9. Anyone hear back yet from the 137th Airlift Squadron? (105 Airlift Wing out of Stewart ANGB, NY)
  10. Were you curious about an upcoming UPT board? I was told via e-mail that the next one will be in 2023. They just held a CSO board this past summer.
  11. Thanks for the heads up about the 122nd FS since there’s no official UPT posting about them. I’ll email my package tomorrow. Do you work with the squadron? If not, how did you hear about it?
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