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  1. Were you curious about an upcoming UPT board? I was told via e-mail that the next one will be in 2023. They just held a CSO board this past summer.
  2. Thanks for the heads up about the 122nd FS since there’s no official UPT posting about them. I’ll email my package tomorrow. Do you work with the squadron? If not, how did you hear about it?
  3. Any gouge on the 307th bomb wing (B-52H out of Barksdale AFB)? They don’t show up on Bogidope, but they are part of the reserves. Any idea if they have UPT boards?
  4. Thanks man. Definitely agree with that. Do you think a webcam in front of a desktop PC will suffice?
  5. For the 176th FS (WIANG), are you all going to make that video that is optional? Just wondering if people will do it.
  6. I emailed Wisconsin about visits, no response so far. Email sent 3 weeks ago.
  7. Anyone have gouge on the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (Reserves) at Keesler AFB? They fly the WC-130J. Wondering if they hire off the street for UPT. Did some research for flying opportunities and didn’t really come up with anything.
  8. Anyone else applying to the 115th Airlift Squadron in Point Mugu, CA? They fly the C130J
  9. Anyone want to proofread 2 cover letters in their precious free time? Ones for a heavy squadron, other is for a fighter. Been reading that a cover letter is practically your first impression.
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