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  1. Should I include a DD214 in my applications, when it says I was in for only 26 days? I have mixed feelings about this because I was at Navy OCS for a month. Discharged for sitting height (able to fit in USAF aircraft though) and eyesight (got PRK-no complications). Perhaps I should attach a note with my DD214.
  2. Here are my scores, as well as my interesting background. AFOQT: 98/61/40/33/50 PCSM: 97 Flight hours: 1300 Flight Ratings: PPL, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, ATP (ERJ 170/190 type rating) Age: 22 College: 3.80 GPA, B.S. in Aviation Management, A.A.S. In Aviation Flight LORs: PPL instructor, Retired navy captain, prior Civil Air Patrol Squadron commander Volunteer work: Civil Air Patrol (Transport mission pilot, Billy Mitchell award recipient) My background: I was at Navy OCS last February with a pilot slot (SNA-Studnet naval aviator). I was there for about a month before I got discharged for 2 medical reasons. The first was eyesight due to astigmatism. I got PRK surgery March 2018 on my own dime and it’s been over a year, no complications. The other medical issue was my sitting height. I’m 6’3” with a sitting height of 39.4”. The navy has 4 aircraft pipelines; strike, E2/C2, helicopters, and Maritime. You needed to be eligible for a minimum of 2 of 4 pipelines, and my sitting height was too tall for the T45 goshawk, which canceled out the strike and E2/C2 pipelines, as well as the UH-57 which canceled out the helicopter track for me. Because I was only eligible for one pipeline (maritime) I could no longer be a student naval aviator. The base commander said I could choose any other naval officer job, such as SWO or Supply, but I decided to discharge and continue flight instructing to be a regional airline pilot, which is what I’m doing right now. I don’t know if this experience helps or hurts. It could help because it shows that I’m not giving up on becoming a military pilot, but it could hurt because I really want to serve and the interviewees might ask why I just didn’t do another naval officer job then. I plan on taking the AFOQT over again, but I will be applying with my current scores and just see where it goes.
  3. Yeeyee


    There's a YouTube video of doing the orientation test super easy using a piece of scratch. I can always ask the test proctor
  4. Yeeyee


    I’ve heard it’s been given for the TBAS. Or is that a thing of the past?
  5. Yeeyee


    Is scratch paper given to you at the test? Taking it tomorrow.
  6. Okay. That's a bummer. Thanks for the info
  7. I'm new to this, but does rated mean active duty?
  8. Do you know when the next board will possibly be?
  9. Doing some research. Has any of the F22 Guard squadrons (Virginia, Florida, Hawaii-those are all I can think of) or the B2 Guard squadron (Missouri) hired off the street in recent years?
  10. I'm also interested in the Madison FS, I live in Chicago so it's an easy 2 hour drive. Are unofficial visits allowed?
  11. Taking the TBAS next week and doing some studying, I have the orientation section down pretty good when the yellow arrow is pointing towards a cardinal direction, but I’m confused when it gets diagonal. Anyone have any info? Links to articles or videos work too. Want to get it down cold. Any other TBAS tips appreciated.
  12. Do you know if the pilot score includes both Arithmetic Reasoning and Math Knowledge? Internet says just Math Knowledge is counted, and my study guide says both are counted.
  13. Taking the AFOQT next week. Any practice tests online I can take? I have a test prep book but already finished the practice test in it. Preferably free but I'll pay if I have to, appreciate any help. Seems like all the practice tests I've found are 20 questions long...total
  14. Can anyone confirm the 303rd Reserve squadron delayed their board until November? Bogidope still shows April 15th.
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