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  1. I emailed Wisconsin about visits, no response so far. Email sent 3 weeks ago.
  2. Anyone have gouge on the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (Reserves) at Keesler AFB? They fly the WC-130J. Wondering if they hire off the street for UPT. Did some research for flying opportunities and didn’t really come up with anything.
  3. Anyone else applying to the 115th Airlift Squadron in Point Mugu, CA? They fly the C130J
  4. Anyone want to proofread 2 cover letters in their precious free time? Ones for a heavy squadron, other is for a fighter. Been reading that a cover letter is practically your first impression.
  5. Do you have any leads or contact info? I'd be interested in flying the Apaches. I'm a non prior by the way.
  6. Any word on Duluth yet? Haven't heard a peep
  7. Speaking of C130 units, which are the more competitive?
  8. Active duty or army guard? I’d be interested in flying apaches
  9. Thinking about switching my airline career to aerial firefighting down the road. Are there any guard/reserve squadrons that participate in aerial firefighting? I have my radar on the C130 squadron in Reno, NV, but no clue if they do that type of flying. They are in close proximity of NorCal though.
  10. Could you copy and paste the email to my inbox?
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