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  1. Does anyone have recommendations on companies that help Veterans increase their VA disability percentage. I know there are a few out there but I’d like to go to one that someone can recommend. So far I’ve looked into: Ree Medical DBQreview and before someone mentions that I can just do it on my own. Yes I know but it took two years and hours of phone calls just to get the VA to schedule a hearing test for me so if I can avoid that hassle and even get an additional 10% it will be worth the fee of what these places are charging. I just want to be sure they aren’t a scam.
  2. Where can I find more info on delaying my DOS? I may be interested in this as my approval for VSP caught me a bit off guard.
  3. 06 11S approved about 3.5 yrs left on UPT ADSC Just checked my email from downrange. Now I got to find another job in 4 months.... Has anyone asked about pushing back the DOS since these approvals got delayed so much?
  4. Has anyone seen the deadline if you want to apply for VSP? Looks like the separation date would be in september but when to you have to apply by?
  5. Has anyone seen any dates/deadlines for applying for VSP? I'll be going on leave till the mid month and don't want to miss my chance in case I decide to put in for it.
  6. This all so confusing. I am thinking of applying for VSP but don't want to get denied and then be labeled as the "non-team player". What have you guys seen about this in the past? I'm an 11S by the way with <3 years on my commitment. I wouldn't get out if they weren't offering to pay but that extra bump kinda pushes me over the edge.
  7. This isn't about my opportunities to take leave on the weekends. Its about the possibility of me selling it. It seems that enlisted can sell it any time they reenlist but this is not an option for officers so I wonder if it is even possible.
  8. No proof. Because I would have to buy tickets further out than 30 days so I don't do it unless I get approved for the leave.
  9. Leaveweb only lets you input leave 30 days out. I have on multiple occasions wanted to take trips that were further out than that when I find good deals for example skiing In Feb and when I ask if I can take it then I get told no. I can usually take a few days here and there local leave but when I want to go out of town and plan a vacation on specific dates it never seems to work out in my favor.
  10. I get stonewalled whenever I try to take leave and being deployed or TDY over 250 days a year doesn't leave me much time to take leave. I rather sell it than lose it. But this was what I was told per the AFI: "upon reenlistment, retirement, separation under honorable conditions, or death." So I guess I can't do it unless I seperate which won't be for a while. Unless someone knows of an exception. Seems like their should be an exception for officer since we never reenilist.
  11. I have heard conflicting information and wanted to get some info before I go ask finance their opinion. Basically I heard an officer can sell leave one time in their career, but I have also heard that you can only sell it if you are separating or retiring. If it is possible to sell leave, could I sell it while on a deployment and avoid the taxes? I will have about 100 days accrued by the next fiscal year so it seems like a good option for me.
  12. TUI is not the great deal it used to be. They upped the tuition rate, so its $200 out of pocket for each class on top of TA. Also the coursework is more closely monitored than it was before, you actually have to do some work to get the BS degree. I am 2 classes from finishing it, started before this change and I would not recommend it anymore.
  13. For the guys actually flying U2s is this a good assingment if you want to fly for your career and avoid queep or is it just like any other MWS?
  14. Well the current class has a grader who is doing his job thats why. Also the coursework has become more time consuming then it used to be in my previous classes. I obviously can't be certain that other classes are the same but can only give my personal experience. If you don't like it don't read it. Obviously it is of interest to many people, that is why I started the thread.
  15. BS= bovine excrement What I am saying is I think things have changed with the institution very recently. The fact that people were submitting corrupt files and receiving A's for them I do not deny but, atleast in the current class I am in, that would not work now. The reason I say that the TUI degree is BS is because of their reputation. But now they are making it cost money out of pocket and require more work and time to get the same BS degree. Its just a bad deal now.
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