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  1. I asked my ROTC unit back in January. The Captain told me only cadets can take it in the fall due to limited slots. I want to apply to the New Jersey Air National Guard. Their deadline is April 15th. I've been trying to take the AFOQT since January to get a packet in to them. How often do units do hiring? Is it every year or is it once every few years?
  2. I've been trying since January to take the AFOQT. I have the study guides, I've taking the online practice tests, etc. But I can't seem to get anyone body to let me physically take the test! The threads I read on here say to contact your look AFROTC Detachment. I did and they told me they only allow non-cadets to take it once in the fall during the beginning of the semester. Only cadets can take it any time. I've gone to almost every Air Force recruiting office in my metro area to try and schedule a date to take the test. All of them say you have to be putting together an officer packet before they let me take the test and I don't have enough college credits to start putting together a packet. (I'm a Junior in college). One of the recruiters did tell me about a line officer recruiter. He gave me there number and they are two hours away. I've tried calling but every time I do the phone just rings. No voicemail, it will ring for 10 minutes straight if I let it. I've also tried calling the Guard units I'm interested in rushing but I can't get a real person on the phone. (I have emailed them with my intentions of one day being and officer and flying for them, just haven't heard back). Any advice on what to do?
  3. I understand what you mean by not wanting your boss to know, they probably assume you will leave right away. I understand unstable industries too. I was in Auto repair as a lube tech for awhile. I started a new writing job only a few months ago and I don't really know my editor very well yet. I'll try my Dutch friend who owns his own graphic design business and I may try the one Army Major I play hockey with. It can't hurt to ask.
  4. I'm 27 years old and I honestly have no idea who to get letters of recommendations from. When your young it's easy. You have baseball coaches, teachers, etc. At 27 everyone kind just becomes an acquaintance in life. There is one older guy I attend stick and puck with. He's a retired Maj. in the Army. I don't know him super well and only seem him about once a week for an hour and a half. We make small talk and I have told him about becoming an officer. He tells me about what it was like being an Officer in the post Vietnam years. A good friend of mine owns a successful graphic design business in the Netherlands. I've done some freelance writing work for him and we have been good friends for 6 years or so through Skype and PSN. Would he be good choice? He could as the owner of the company write a letter saying I've worked hard and am an excellent writer. I did work as an Automotive Journalist for a car magazine for three years from 2012-2015. Out of the blue before Thanksgiving me and a whole bunch of staff were laid off in late 2015. The job was based in California and I'm on the East Coast. I've tried hunting down my old editor in the past. We only communicated through our old work emails (no longer have access to the account) and through a work phone number. He was an older baby boomer and as far as I know he doesn't have Facebook.(I've tried looking for him). He would have been the best option for a letter.
  5. I'll make some phone calls in the morning.
  6. I see that Vermont is hiring for F-35 pilots. Vermont is one of my top choices for a guard unit. I have 90 college credits because I changed my major after my sophomore year and had to repeat my sophomore year to study the survey courses of my new major. Also I transferred from Community College to a University and they had a few more gen eds that community college didn't require. Even though I won't likely get hired, I was wonder if it's worth applying so they will get to know me and then after my senior year I can apply again to get hired. I plan on taking the AFOQT in the next month or two. I know the deadline is March 31st.
  7. I am currently a junior in college and here is my breakdown Age: 26 about to be 27 in a month (will be 28 when I graduate college) GPA: 3.68, Criminology Major/Business Minor Flight Hours: 6 (just started taking lessons towards my PPL, hopefully will have it by summer). I practice with my college club hockey team and I will be practicing with my college baseball team and I will be playing MSBL. I also work full time as a writer and I have previous experience working as an exhaust tech/lube tech/mechanic's apprentice before I went to college. I haven't taken the AFOQT yet. Last time I talked to an Air Force recruiter when I was beginning my sophomore of college he told me I needed to be graduated or near graduation to take the test as I need to be filling out an officer packet. I'm looking to go Air National guard, I would prefer a state like New Jersey, Vermont, Idaho, Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine, etc. Somewhere up north where it's cold and has mountains and cheap land. I prefer fighters but I don't mind heavies, I will apply to everything. I would like a Law Enforcement career for my civilian job. I have lots of family in New Jersey and New York that are in Law Enforcement that can help me get started on that end. I wouldn't mind going Reserves or Active Duty as well. The only question I ask is, how should I get started? Should Is start calling units now to see if I can visit them in the summer? (I see a lot of threads saying you should attend meet and greets).