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  1. Riddles

    Exception to Policy

    The only reason I am hesitant to do this is I have no guarantee of getting into OTS. I am willing to not take the bonus if that is the only option, but I was curious if anyone has ever seen one of these get approved.
  2. Riddles

    Exception to Policy

    I am trying to apply Active Duty OTS before I try to get into the ANG since I am currently active and don't really have plans to leave.
  3. Riddles

    Exception to Policy

    Has anyone ever successfully received an exception to policy letter after receiving an SRB for OTS? I am in a situation that I have one shot for OTS (November 2019 board) before I have to re-enlist. I think that I would be stupid to not take the bonus as I have no guarantees of ever getting an OTS slot, but it's tough to know I will have to wait 2-3 more years for my goal of an officer slot. Does anyone have experience with this or any advice?
  4. Riddles

    TFOT seats question

    Late reply, but the way that OTS slots work is planned out very far in advance. Currently active duty applying to the November 2019 active duty board and if I get accepted I will not attend until 2021. They have all the slots filled on the active duty side a year to a year and a half in advance. They also have multiple boards. So for FY2020 there will be two active duty boards and two civilian boards. The later boards are notorious for being cancelled though, so it gets tough. On a side note, if you are applying non-rated then the selection rates are very low based on how many people apply. So unless you stand out above everyone else it could take a few times to get accepted. Hope this helps.