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  1. That is a huge help! I was looking at it as the yellow box being the field of view so the large end being the direction I was looking, but it didn't make sense that way. Thank you so much for this!
  2. I am looking for some help on the TBAS flashcards. I understand the concept and am able to get the correct answers when it shows the direction I am heading on the compass, but when it shows it on the map like in these two images I cannot figure out what direction I am heading. Based on what I see, the top of the map is North, so the it looks I would be heading East and North in the two images respectively. However, I know this is wrong but I can't figure out why. What am I missing that shows I would be heading West and South?
  3. I will have to contact the closest one to find out. Thanks for the direction.
  4. I don't really know if I am competitive or not, but I know some people inside of that unit. I honestly believe I would be more competitive for an AD slot with a PPL than at a Guard or Reserve unit that pretty much requires one. The average PCSM score on AD this last board was 39 and only a few had their PPL already. However, I would like the stability of a Guard or Reserve unit. It's definitely a tough call, hence why I am wondering if I could do both.
  5. Has anyone ever applied or attempted to apply for an OTS Rated slot and the Air Force Reserves for a pilot slot at the same time? A little back story, I am AD and want to apply to the rated board this November (application due in October). However, they only picked up 20 pilots this last board and I want to keep my options open as I want to fly. What are the chances of being able to apply to both? Has anyone ever done it before? Both applications are due in October and both boards are in November. Am I going to be forced to choose one or the other?
  6. Riddles


    Purchased a new car last year and called around for different quotes. USAA wanted to charge me more than double what EVERY OTHER company quoted me. It's actually crazy how bad it has gotten in the past few years.
  7. Does anyone know what the timeline may look like for a person transitioning out of AD enlisted to the ANG pending actually getting hired? Some additional information that may affect the timeline. I already have a security clearance as well as having my FC1 done before I submit my package. After reading this thread it seems that these are the things that hold people up in actually getting to OTS. This is all hypothetical, but I would feel better about having some idea if someone has been in this situation before. I would potentially need to palace chase if the dates didn't work out. If they worked out perfectly then I would do a palace front. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm not sure exactly how you are getting yours done, but I scheduled one recently. However, I am Active Duty already and was able to schedule it through my local clinic. They were very busy though. As far as the government shutdown. The DoD had been funded already and the shutdown did not affect us at all. So that shouldn't be the issue here.
  9. Just curious as I noticed the application page on bogidope. Is it an immediate disqualification to not have a PPL? I won't be able to start working on mine until May, but I am just curious how it works out. Also, is it difficult to get active orders there? I did some time at Whiteman and would love to go back, but it's tough to walk away from a active duty when I am the only one who makes money.
  10. He would have to get an ETP to be able to apply, and even then that is a tough one. Knew someone last year who had to make this choice as well, ended up taking it. It does specifically say that if you turn down what you are offered then you cannot apply again though.
  11. @jonlbs I am eligible for a lower end bonus now (~24k before taxes) if I reenlist for the maximum time limit I can. I cannot apply to the OTS board until November. If selected for that board then I will not leave until 2021 at a minimum. As far as how the payment plan would work, I contacted my local MPF and they stated that 50% would be processed immediately and typically get to me in about a month. Then every year after I would received the remaining bonus split into payments, so I imagine it would be 2k a year before taxes. Talking with MPF today, AFPC, and my leadership today I decided that I am more than likely going to hold off for the time being. I am scheduled to deploy to a tax free zone sometime after the board and will go to a higher multiplier if I wait and selection does not occur. I will more than likely attempt to get an ETP after this time for any future boards as I would have the money saved and it would all be tax free, so I would avoid what you mentioned in your post and was also mentioned to me by my leadership. In the event that next September they announce that the bonus will be going away then I will more than likely take it while it is available but use the option of delaying the payment until after board results come out, which at that time it will be close enough to the board that I can exercise this option. I think this is the best course that I should take unless there is something that I am missing. Thanks for the information.
  12. @donkey out of curiosity, how did you do on the TBAS after using this simulator? I am definitely downloading tonight and will use this to practice with as I am taking the TBAS in the coming months. How often did you practice with this as well?
  13. How exactly did this work if you don't mind me asking? If I took the bonus now I would have two years before I could potentially go to OTS at the earliest. Was the amount that you had to pay back pro rated for the time that you still served enlisted?
  14. Out of curiousity, did you not want to attempt to get an exception to policy or were you told that you wouldn't get one?
  15. Understood on that part. My question is more geared towards if anyone has ever done it for active duty.
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