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  1. jyang1659

    Looking to fly heavies! How am I looking?

    This is all very helpful. Thank you all very much!
  2. jyang1659

    PRK and LASIK Information

    I want to get PRK done no matter what. If I am not selected, having had PRK done will remain a positive. As of today I have scheduled my PRK about a month from now. But, lets say I choose to wait on the surgery. Will hiring boards see that I require PRK?
  3. jyang1659

    PRK and LASIK Information

    Question pertaining to the timing of PRK itself in relation to the application process. I am going to be applying to ANG/Reserve squadrons as soon as I have finished my TBAS this Friday. I do require PRK and have been cleared by my recruiter and a local surgery center to proceed. The problem is getting time off of work to do the surgery and heal up enough to go back to work (I am a forklift operator). I guess my question is this: should I get the surgery done ASAP? or can I wait until after I have been picked up by a squadron (in the even that that even happens)? Potential notes of interest: I have not gone to MEPS, I have also not gone to do my FCI physical. I am 28 years old.
  4. Edited to reflect PCSM score after taking TBAS Hello, I am a civilian with no prior service looking to fly any heavy airframe I can get my hands on. I am 28 (and 3 months) old. I intend to apply to ANG and Reserve squadrons. I hold a BA and MA in a non-tech non-stem field BA GPA: 3.389 MA GPA: 3.62 AFOQT (1 attempt): P96/N99/AA92/V99/Q70 TBAS 65 with only 2 flight hours PCSM increase with additional flight hours: 6-10 = 69 11-20 = 73 21-40 = 77 41-60 = 81 61-80 = 85 81-100 = 89 101-200 = 93 201+ = 96 The TBAS was a little more difficult than I had anticipated. However, I suppose I'm happy enough with my PCSM with my flight hours being what they are (2 hours). I don't think i'll try and take the TBAS again unless anyone has any good reasons why I should. Does anyone have any idea as to how many hours I should shoot for to look competitive for heavies? Thank you to any and all who took the time to read and provide input. I am grateful!