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  1. Any updated news from anyone in the know on the hiring climate at JBLM?
  2. Just curious- whats the story with McDill? Why no call back there?
  3. We're the same age, nearly the same pilot score (i got a 96) and nearly the same PCSM relative to hours completed (at 27 hours, i'll be a 77). From what I've been reading on this site and others, you're in the game for a pilot slot. I'm not 100% sure about the fighter part but if you'd be happy flying heavies then definitely keep pressing forward! I'm going for heavies in the reserves/ANG and everyone i've talked to has been pretty optimistic.
  4. I'm just curious what these "soft skills" are that they are asking you to improve. What did they advise in particular? what airframe are you hoping to get? Seems like you did everything they asked you to do as far as testing improvements/getting flight hours! Your chances have only improved. As for the age thing, I wouldn't worry about it as you only need to go to UPT prior to age 30. Finally, as has been said many a time on this forum and others like it: if you're really serious about becoming a pilot, send your application everywhere, including out of state.
  5. I don’t know about AFOQT scores but I know the lowest PCSM score hired last year was 20, and that was out of 84 selects (for AD).
  6. This is all very helpful. Thank you all very much!
  7. I want to get PRK done no matter what. If I am not selected, having had PRK done will remain a positive. As of today I have scheduled my PRK about a month from now. But, lets say I choose to wait on the surgery. Will hiring boards see that I require PRK?
  8. Question pertaining to the timing of PRK itself in relation to the application process. I am going to be applying to ANG/Reserve squadrons as soon as I have finished my TBAS this Friday. I do require PRK and have been cleared by my recruiter and a local surgery center to proceed. The problem is getting time off of work to do the surgery and heal up enough to go back to work (I am a forklift operator). I guess my question is this: should I get the surgery done ASAP? or can I wait until after I have been picked up by a squadron (in the even that that even happens)? Potential notes of interest: I have not gone to MEPS, I have also not gone to do my FCI physical. I am 28 years old.
  9. Edited to reflect PCSM score after taking TBAS Hello, I am a civilian with no prior service looking to fly any heavy airframe I can get my hands on. I am 28 (and 3 months) old. I intend to apply to ANG and Reserve squadrons. I hold a BA and MA in a non-tech non-stem field BA GPA: 3.389 MA GPA: 3.62 AFOQT (1 attempt): P96/N99/AA92/V99/Q70 TBAS 65 with only 2 flight hours PCSM increase with additional flight hours: 6-10 = 69 11-20 = 73 21-40 = 77 41-60 = 81 61-80 = 85 81-100 = 89 101-200 = 93 201+ = 96 The TBAS was a little more difficult than I had anticipated. However, I suppose I'm happy enough with my PCSM with my flight hours being what they are (2 hours). I don't think i'll try and take the TBAS again unless anyone has any good reasons why I should. Does anyone have any idea as to how many hours I should shoot for to look competitive for heavies? Thank you to any and all who took the time to read and provide input. I am grateful!
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