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  1. You're very competitive for any unit! If you're looking to go for ANG slots, since you are only 20 years old, I would highly recommend enlisting with your local ANG unit with an AFSC that works directly with the jets and pilots. (I enlisted when I was 22). Once the guys know you and you display great work ethic and attitude, I'd say you'd be a shoe in with those credentials!
  2. Thank you to everyone for your input and advice!
  3. I'm nervous because the court date hasn't been set yet and applications are due next week. When the board reviews my application, they will see an open traffic violation. I was worried if it'll be automatic disqualifer.
  4. Yes! My lawyer is charging me $250 to represent my case and has assured me that it'll be dropped. He is known as the lawyer to go to for traffic cases where I'm from. Pay less than the fee and get the case dropped, I will take it! Haha
  5. That is reassuring! Thank you! My biggest fear was that my app would be another Kobe shot to the trashcan due to an active traffic violation case.
  6. Hi all, So I am applying to one of the ANG UPT boards that is due in 2 weeks. Here is my dilemma: Back in April, I received a traffic citation for having my phone in my hand while driving (I wasn't talking on it or looking at my phone, just simply in my hand). I felt like this was unfair so I decided to hire a lawyer and contest the citation. Six weeks later, there still is no word on a court date, and I'm worried that this citation will still be "open" when I submit my application package. I know on the AF Form 24, I have to list all history of traffic violations. Is it better to just pay the fine (three hundred dollars) and deal with a possible price increase in my auto insurance? Is having an open traffic violation an automatic disqualifier? If not, how do I word my situation on the form? Please help! Cheers!
  7. LOL @ bastard child hahaha. But yes, I am 6 years enlisted in my local ANG unit. I will be applying for the next local board as well as other boards. I want to have all my options open and AD route seems very appealing. Thank you for your insight and help! Anyone else have any tips, I am welcome to hear them. Cheers!
  8. I just got started working with a recruiter overseas since we don't have one where I am residing. Is the process of applying for the pilot board same as becoming an officer? I just completed my 2807 and qualification form. Now I have to complete a form 368. I stated in my email that I am only interested in pilot/rated officer fields.
  9. Thank you for your response! It definitely is a "how bad do you want it" type of deal. Just gotta eat the costs to hope to be in the same position as you one day.
  10. As a disclosure, I've searched through this entire thread but couldn't find the answer. I'm a current ANG enlisted member who's interviewed at only 2 guard units so far. How does the AD selection work? Do applicants actually interview with the board? It seems as if candidates are chosen based on the package?
  11. Is it a bad look if you reject an invitation visit a unit? Due to my proximity, it's just not financially possible for me to make two round trips (assuming I get an interview).
  12. I am 6 year enlisted at my home ANG base hoping for a UPT slot either at home or out of state. If my home guard unit is having their Officer Selection Board (OSB), should I pursue it while waiting for the UPT Board dates to be determined? Or Should I pass on the OSB and wait for UPT Board? Will they conflict each other?
  13. Anyone here apply to Channel Islands ANG?
  14. I used three study guides. Barrons, Trivium, and Peterson's (ARCO) and went from a 56 to a 98 pilot score. For the pilot section, make sure you understand what the question is asking. Be familiar with the *wrong* answers as well.
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