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  1. Ligma

    Chances and Recommendations (ANG)

    You interviewed for the board at your home base and wasn't selected? That's strange, because ANG usually hires from within. I've seen dudes with horrible scores get selected over more qualified applicants just because they were in the ANG. Your scores and credentials are freakin' amazing dude. I'm sure you will get picked up by any board.
  2. Ligma

    Upcoming Boards

    Anyone heard from Fort Worth?
  3. Ligma

    Upcoming Boards

    I received the same two weeks ago
  4. Ligma

    Upcoming Boards

    How long does it usually take to receive interview invites after the closing date of application for ANG boards?
  5. Ligma

    Upcoming Boards

    Just to piggyback on this. I've noticed getting a slot is like getting hooked up with a job. It helps A LOT to have some type of connection with the hiring boards/people. There are hundreds and thousands of qualified applicants, but if they know of you, your work ethic, etc. All they have to do is make some phone calls to confirm this. I was offered an interview for a fighter squadron I was enlisted in with low 50 Pilot AFOQT, ZERO flying hours, and a subpar GPA. Granted I didn't get the slot, I knew they considered me because I was enlisted fighter maintenance. (My scores are much improved now). Another example, my buddy from basic training had 62 Pilot, 38 PCSM, and 5 flying hours when he got picked up at his tanker guard unit. Knowing people is probably the most important thing, next to being highly qualified with great scores. Make the connections. Go down to the squadron and meet them all.
  6. Ligma

    What is a good PCSM?

    Really? First time I've heard that.. It does make sense though. Nice!
  7. Ligma

    What is a good PCSM?

    My surname is actually balls. But thank you for your input! My goal is to get 40+ hours by February (hopefully PPL), because that’ll bring my PCSM to a 83. It is an unfortunate medical condition that I currently have.
  8. I’ve searched through the threads and everybody seems to have a different answer. What is the general consensus for a competitive PCSM score for guard/reserve units (heavies and fighters)? I’ve just retaken my TBAS and bumped my score up 20 pts to 79 PCSM with 26 hours (98 pilot). The 201+ hours is at a 97 PCSM. I am also current guard enlisted 6+ years. Thank you!
  9. Ligma

    Please rate my chances!

    I had to improve on my "weaknesses" (certain areas that I pointed out during my interview when they asked what my strength and weaknesses were). I dream of flying fighters, however I am not picky at all. To just fly for the airforce whether it be the guard, reserves, or active duty is something I realized I really want to do. My biggest regret is not finding out about this opportunity years ago when I joined. I always thought the chances of becoming a pilot was impossible but after scoring an interview with almost no credentials It really opened my eyes and made me want to pursue this dream. I feel like the competition has gotten a lot stiffer since a year ago and want to know if my package is competitive for any air frame.
  10. Ligma

    Please rate my chances!

    Just updated. I accidentally posted midway of typing.
  11. Hi guys, I am new to this board and hoping to learn a lot. So here are my stats: Age: 26 years old Current ANG enlisted (Fighter Maintenance Support) - 5 years GPA: 2.95 (Finance) AFOQT: Pilot 98, Nav 92, Acad Apt 73, Verbal 55, Quant 83 TBAS: 60 (with 22 flight hours) retaking end of October I have already interviewed once in 2017 with my home ANG board. It is a joint board with tankers, airlift, and fighters At that time I had 0 flight hours, 55 pilot AFOQT, no TBAS score. I did not end up getting a slot, however I received great remarks on how well I did on my interview and they told me to work on certain soft skills as well as attain flying hours. They called my flight chief and commander asking about me as well. Since the interview, I've retaken my AFOQT, gotten 22 flight hours so far working on my PPL, and work on retaking my TBAS (I was so unprepared for the first time). I am wondering what my chances are knowing the competition has stiffened during the past year. I am creeping up on the age limit. Should I consider applying for UPT boards out of state? Please be as critical as possible.