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  1. Thank you for your response! It definitely is a "how bad do you want it" type of deal. Just gotta eat the costs to hope to be in the same position as you one day.
  2. As a disclosure, I've searched through this entire thread but couldn't find the answer. I'm a current ANG enlisted member who's interviewed at only 2 guard units so far. How does the AD selection work? Do applicants actually interview with the board? It seems as if candidates are chosen based on the package?
  3. Is it a bad look if you reject an invitation visit a unit? Due to my proximity, it's just not financially possible for me to make two round trips (assuming I get an interview).
  4. I am 6 year enlisted at my home ANG base hoping for a UPT slot either at home or out of state. If my home guard unit is having their Officer Selection Board (OSB), should I pursue it while waiting for the UPT Board dates to be determined? Or Should I pass on the OSB and wait for UPT Board? Will they conflict each other?
  5. Anyone here apply to Channel Islands ANG?
  6. I used three study guides. Barrons, Trivium, and Peterson's (ARCO) and went from a 56 to a 98 pilot score. For the pilot section, make sure you understand what the question is asking. Be familiar with the *wrong* answers as well.
  7. How does this work if you get selected by a squadron, then let's say a few months later interview with a more appealing squadron and get selected? Are you able to rescind your selection from the first squadron?
  8. You interviewed for the board at your home base and wasn't selected? That's strange, because ANG usually hires from within. I've seen dudes with horrible scores get selected over more qualified applicants just because they were in the ANG. Your scores and credentials are freakin' amazing dude. I'm sure you will get picked up by any board.
  9. How long does it usually take to receive interview invites after the closing date of application for ANG boards?
  10. Just to piggyback on this. I've noticed getting a slot is like getting hooked up with a job. It helps A LOT to have some type of connection with the hiring boards/people. There are hundreds and thousands of qualified applicants, but if they know of you, your work ethic, etc. All they have to do is make some phone calls to confirm this. I was offered an interview for a fighter squadron I was enlisted in with low 50 Pilot AFOQT, ZERO flying hours, and a subpar GPA. Granted I didn't get the slot, I knew they considered me because I was enlisted fighter maintenance. (My scores are much improved now). Another example, my buddy from basic training had 62 Pilot, 38 PCSM, and 5 flying hours when he got picked up at his tanker guard unit. Knowing people is probably the most important thing, next to being highly qualified with great scores. Make the connections. Go down to the squadron and meet them all.
  11. Really? First time I've heard that.. It does make sense though. Nice!
  12. My surname is actually balls. But thank you for your input! My goal is to get 40+ hours by February (hopefully PPL), because that’ll bring my PCSM to a 83. It is an unfortunate medical condition that I currently have.
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