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  1. GreenMountainBoy

    Upcoming Boards

    I got my call back yesterday. They said they were doing call backs the end of this week so I would imagine they have called everyone by now? Best of luck.
  2. GreenMountainBoy

    Upcoming Boards

    Anyone heading to NH for the 157th board beginning of April?
  3. GreenMountainBoy

    158th Green Mountain Boys

    Generally they have a board every two years. However, this last board they hired 4 candidates and from what I am being told, at least two were DQ'd for medical. I talked to one of our pilots a few weeks ago and it sounds like they are planning on holding another board in 2019 and looking to hire another 3-4 candidates for F-35 pipeline. Hope this helps.
  4. GreenMountainBoy

    Upcoming Boards

    I heard back on Wednesday as well. Good luck!