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  1. Cork

    Upcoming Boards

    Bro, you're already the Ultimate Fighter Pilot... Why do you care about ANG openings?
  2. Cork

    Upcoming Boards

    Hilarious. Original. Totally necessary post. Someone give this guy the keys to a fighter ASAP.
  3. Bro make sure you're getting into this for the right reasons.
  4. Cork

    C146 Wolfhound Info

    Hey guys I really appreciate the info. I’ve read all there is about the airplane and mission that’s available on google but I wanted to talk to a pilot of one of these things if they even exist.
  5. Cork

    C146 Wolfhound Info

    Can someone that has flown this thing please help a bro out. You guys are either really secretive or really busy bc it’s hard to find love on this forum. Thanks
  6. Cork

    C146 Wolfhound Info

    Thread revival. Im very interested in applying to the reserve C-146 unit at duke field. Not a lot of information online that I could find. Do they hire dudes off the street? Also if anyone flys the plane or does the NSAv mission and would be willing to share I’m most interested in that. Seems like a very cool low key mission
  7. Cork

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    Does anyone know how often/how many 60 pilots they hire on a board?
  8. I've searched but haven't turned up much. Are there any helo bros out there that can PM me so I can bounce some questions off them? Thanks
  9. Define fighter pilot...
  10. I'd bet they're hiring so many because they're anticipating a bunch to wash out. I could only imagine the amount of oversight that project must have. It's hard enough for the avarage guard guy to prove he's "worthy" of a fighter. Let alone a 35.
  11. In my opinion you’re making things very difficult for yourself. If you want to be a pilot go do that. Don’t enlist into ARMS. You can enlist, be selected, and switch routes, but holy smokes why do that? “Face time with pilots” to me means years of good quality, dedicated work towards your AFSC. You need to sit down, reveluate your plan of attack and go for it. To me it seems like you have fragments of a good plan but haven’t figured out the important stuff yet.