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  1. So if you did you’re good? That 19th AF generals comments don’t apply?
  2. Do you need a waiver to go to T-38 PIT as a non 11F/B? What reg is that in?
  3. I am honestly curious. The AF just published that it wants 7 new fighter squadrons while simultaneously being short hundreds of fighter pilots. Surely there's opportunities there for T-38 dudes who missed the boat the first time. Am I wrong?
  4. Any development on the heavy to fighter topic?
  5. Very interesting. Do people think these cross flows will continue, or was this just a one off thing?
  6. I’m assuming they had to do a T-38 spin up course? Were these captains?
  7. Whatever happened to those C-17 MAF to CAF guys?
  8. Would a T-38 trained heavy driver have a shot at crossflow?
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