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  1. Nope. I asked when I submitted my app, they confirmed receipt but didn't reply to my question.
  2. Depending on the type of unit, the pilots will be involved in airlifting, logistics, etc. Probably not the boots on the ground though. Enlisted people and non-rated officers can be on the ground but more as a second string if the Army isn’t enough to handle it. Source: was part of the response to the civil unrest in June and was trained in riot control.
  3. I would say all of those are good options, and I would suggest getting one from all 5 of the people you listed for three reasons. 1) You may encounter a board that requires more than three, 2) to give you added versatility depending on who you’re applying, and 3) one or more of the letters may not be l as good as you’d hoped. I know I’ve had high hopes for some that turned out to just not be very good. I also agree with Checksix, the best thing to do is honestly to just edit the PDFs to change who they’re addressed to if a unit asks for them to be addressed specifically, cuz if not you’r
  4. For their second round board? I got the no thanks like a month and a half ago. I’m pretty sure they already had their board.
  5. I haven't heard anything. The optimist in me wants to say no news is good news, but the realist in me is... more realistic. lol.
  6. It’s not a zoom call, but still might be weird to do in your underwear.
  7. Yeah they emailed me over the weekend and I had the interview yesterday. Seems like they’re kinda doing them as they go but you might wanna follow up to be safe.
  8. Not sure about the oldest I've heard of getting picked up, but I'm 31 and I have a first-round phone interview with one tomorrow. It's been hard, like real hard since turning 30. I've lost count of how many have told me no because of my age. But obviously it can be done if even one is willing to talk to me.
  9. I haven’t gotten a no but I know of one guy who got an interview invite a couple weeks ago so I would guess at this point no news isn’t great news.
  10. No but tell them I'll take your place and that should smooth things over. 😉
  11. Nope. Just talked to the recruiter and she says they haven’t made any decisions yet.
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