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  1. Dunno about the official one, but this is the one they posted on facebook:
  2. Thanks! I asked my parents to buy that for me as an early Christmas present, lol.
  3. The blanket waiver is strictly for people who are already commissioned as officers unfortunately. Hopefully they'll change it for everyone but who knows.
  4. Well I just scored my first interview invite so I think I'm going to scrap that idea now that I know there's hope for me. I've thought about this a lot and decided that going AD, when I don't even know for sure how long that process will take or if they're going to keep that policy in place, probably just isn't worth the risk. My interview is for a heavy squadron and I'm 100% okay with that being where I wind up.
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    Anybody gonna be heading to Rhode Island next month for interviews?
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    Also, if anybody driving out to Tulsa from the west and passing through Colorado wants to carpool and split the gas, hit me up!
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    I’m planning to be there for both
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    There's a free one?
  9. I failed depth perception on the very first line at MEPS. A couple weeks later I went to a real optometrist and got the highest score possible. Like someone else said, the trick to passing is to move your eyes or head around, and the lady just didn't tell me that - just said to look into the machine and tell her "which circle was bigger." Haven't been to Wright-Pat but I'm sure we'll all do fine now that we know the rules.
  10. admdelta

    Fishing for options, another old dude edition

    If you're 26 and you wanna go active, get that ball rolling ASAP. I started trying to get in when I had just turned 27 and it took me freaking AGES to make any headway in terms of finding a recruiter that actually paid any attention to me. And by that time, they told me I was too old to fly in AD because of how long it takes to get to OTS. Start making the calls pronto. As far as your flight hours go, I'd definitely recommend getting some flight time but for Active Duty you probably don't need to break the bank going for broke on your PPL just yet. Maybe shoot for your solo, but don't delay your application for it. Even small numbers of flight hours will boost your PCSM considerably, and AD boards seem less hung up on having actual ratings than Guard and Reserve units, at least in my experience and from what I've heard (there are AD guys in UPT who literally start out with 0 hours). Take that with a grain of salt though, someone else might come in here and say I'm wrong lol.
  11. Sure man. And you expect everyone here to also believe you took a checkride two days in a row. As if any CFI, crappy or not, would ever approve that, and as if it would even be possible with wait times.
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    I got rhabdo one time, it freaking blows. Your story's making me nervous. Does getting it once make you likely to get it more frequently?
  13. This is definitely a troll account. He just downvoted UPTapplicant2017 10 times in a row after being called out, and he also sent me a PM claiming to be infamous [aspiring] fighter pilot extraordinaire Derek Polkamp while badgering me to send him my application video. Derek Polkamp is a commercial pilot and this dude claims he failed 4 PPL checkrides, two of which were in the last three days (as if that wasn't already unrealistic enough). 100% troll, 0% smooth about it.
  14. Bumping my old post with a new question. The Air Force recently removed the waiver requirement for officers up to the age of 33. First of all, this is explicitly for existing officers today, right? And if so, if they decide to do this for future boards, what's to stop someone from say commissioning in the Air Force now in some other job, and once commissioned then applying for pilot training? Does that seem like a legit loophole that could be exploited?
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    I asked but I haven't heard back yet.