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  1. Nope. Just talked to the recruiter and she says they haven’t made any decisions yet.
  2. Is it talking about the SF86? EQIP is an online questionnaire that electronically fills out background check stuff but usually that's something you would do after you're selected already. Do you have a link to their ad?
  3. It's referring to the "Air Force regulation" which tells me that's a copypaste from previous years probably. Plus I know for a fact that Vermont used to do age waivers (and even advertised it) so I'd say go for it for sure.
  4. I'm not in your position, but I have been told "no" more times than I care to count on account of my age (I'm 30, going on 31). Honestly 28 is when it becomes crunch time, but it probably doesn't affect your competitiveness until you're 29 or 30. That said you never know if the Air Force might suddenly reverse the age limit again.
  5. I haven't heard anything either since the virtual meet-and-greet. Is it a good idea to follow up or is that bad to do?
  6. That’s correct. The points summary reflect our completed drill weekends and annual training.
  7. The asterisk is on certain requirements that they have specifically for military candidates (they have it on OPRs and PT scores) - they also have a few items on there explicitly not for military candidates, like AFOQT scores. It's worded really weird but it looks to me like they're hiring both rated and for UPT.
  8. Ahh but that's a letter of interest! The application calls for a letter of intent.
  9. So the 159th Fighter Squadron in Florida requires a letter of intent for their applications. Is that just a weird way of saying cover letter or is that actually its own distinct thing?
  10. Please stop referencing things that remind me I might need an age waiver soon, ok??
  11. “Electronic copy of application on a CD.” Lol that’s interesting. Where the heck am I gonna find a blank CD nowadays? 😂
  12. Thanks! My gut is telling me to Zoom it.
  13. Just got an invite for the 164th AS, with options for in person or Zoom. Do you guys think it makes any difference to them which I choose? I’d definitely prefer to stay home for this one for public health and safety reasons but would also want to give myself the best chance possible.
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