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  1. For their second round board? I got the no thanks like a month and a half ago. I’m pretty sure they already had their board.
  2. I haven't heard anything. The optimist in me wants to say no news is good news, but the realist in me is... more realistic. lol.
  3. It’s not a zoom call, but still might be weird to do in your underwear.
  4. Yeah they emailed me over the weekend and I had the interview yesterday. Seems like they’re kinda doing them as they go but you might wanna follow up to be safe.
  5. Not sure about the oldest I've heard of getting picked up, but I'm 31 and I have a first-round phone interview with one tomorrow. It's been hard, like real hard since turning 30. I've lost count of how many have told me no because of my age. But obviously it can be done if even one is willing to talk to me.
  6. I haven’t gotten a no but I know of one guy who got an interview invite a couple weeks ago so I would guess at this point no news isn’t great news.
  7. No but tell them I'll take your place and that should smooth things over. 😉
  8. Nope. Just talked to the recruiter and she says they haven’t made any decisions yet.
  9. Is it talking about the SF86? EQIP is an online questionnaire that electronically fills out background check stuff but usually that's something you would do after you're selected already. Do you have a link to their ad?
  10. It's referring to the "Air Force regulation" which tells me that's a copypaste from previous years probably. Plus I know for a fact that Vermont used to do age waivers (and even advertised it) so I'd say go for it for sure.
  11. I'm not in your position, but I have been told "no" more times than I care to count on account of my age (I'm 30, going on 31). Honestly 28 is when it becomes crunch time, but it probably doesn't affect your competitiveness until you're 29 or 30. That said you never know if the Air Force might suddenly reverse the age limit again.
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