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  1. admdelta

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    Me, didn’t get it sadly.
  2. admdelta

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    143d Airlift in Rhode Island
  3. admdelta

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    It'll happen man. Just keep improving that application packet, look for little ways to improve its appearance, the content, etc - just little things that help it stand out. Maybe look at ways to improve your interactions at meetups as well if that's a factor. I was feeling exactly the same way, it really sucks until it doesn't. Have you had any interviews or have you been getting shot down before that point? There's also plenty of folks (including myself) who'd be happy to take a look at your application and give you feedback. I shared mine with a few people who were super helpful.
  4. admdelta

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    Just had my first interview this weekend, find out in a couple weeks. Wish me luck everybody! Congrats, that’s awesome!
  5. admdelta

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    What’s wrong with talking about the airlines, if I may ask?
  6. admdelta

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    That’s Spicoli bro!
  7. admdelta

    What are my chances?

    Aw man, really? My AD recruiter wouldn't even let me submit a package because I was 28. This is infuriating to hear.
  8. admdelta

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    My package is 17 pages. How big is your package?
  9. admdelta

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    I distinctly remember this episode. I think that might just be a Fresno thing though. I brought nicer stuff to both March and Tulsa and they seemed to appreciate it (Tulsa is apparently big on fancy Scotch). Not enough for an interview though. 😅
  10. Dunno about the official one, but this is the one they posted on facebook:
  11. Thanks! I asked my parents to buy that for me as an early Christmas present, lol.
  12. The blanket waiver is strictly for people who are already commissioned as officers unfortunately. Hopefully they'll change it for everyone but who knows.
  13. Well I just scored my first interview invite so I think I'm going to scrap that idea now that I know there's hope for me. I've thought about this a lot and decided that going AD, when I don't even know for sure how long that process will take or if they're going to keep that policy in place, probably just isn't worth the risk. My interview is for a heavy squadron and I'm 100% okay with that being where I wind up.
  14. admdelta

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    Anybody gonna be heading to Rhode Island next month for interviews?