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  1. I believe FTG stands for flying training group, which performs admin functions for all flyers.
  2. Mine was approved in Apr and those given TFOT dates were approved in early June.
  3. I received my FY20 IFT TLN last week. Two other UPT selects in my squadron received their TFOT TLN at the same time.
  4. Cavguy- Fortunately, I was in the same unit from my initial commissioning commitment. My leadership let me move over to the Airlift Squadron as they were aware of my unfortunate news in 2015. If you’re willing to share, what unit were you originally hired with?
  5. I was in the same boat as you 4 years ago. Since the new CCT standard was published, I secured another UPT slot, passed my FC1, and will begin UPT in April. It will go a long way if you are up front with units about your past and how you now meet the requirement. Hell, if I was you — I’d reach out to the unit that previously selected me and explain the situation. If they aren’t willing to take another chance on you and your scores are good and you’re a decent bro, you’ll get picked up elsewhere. When is your ARNG commitment up? This seems like the biggest (yet one that can be overcome) roadblock.
  6. This guy gets it. Listen to this advice.
  7. Going to UPT soon as well and my guard unit is telling me that I have to buy my boots since I’m an officer. Any reference that contradicts this statement?
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