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  1. What i did was start working my way around clockwise. If the yellow arrow pointed north east i knew the first square clockwise was east, the next was south, then west, then north. It wasn't super fast but it was consistent. After practice it can be pretty quick.
  2. You can get a free practice test for the old version on afoqtguide if you sign up for the newsletter. They also sell practice tests for the new version.
  3. Wow MEPS and FC1 in the same month! It's been 6 weeks since meps and I still don't have a FC1 date scheduled. Took about 5 Months to get to meps (paperwork issues).
  4. AFOQT was harder to schedule. Be patient. Some guard units might do it once or twice per year, same with ROTC detachments. ROTC they usually do it early in the spring semester so not surprised if you missed it. Guard is up to them. I had one scheduled in June and another offered in October. Just take the extra time studying. It's an all day event so they want as many people at once as possible. TBAS they offered twice per week so that was easy to schedule.
  5. I got a couple co-workers that i trusted to keep their mouths shut. I worked for one on a big project for around 2 years. The other is a family friend that got me the job here. I trusted both wouldn't say anything. My company is a defense contractor so not that worried about it getting out since i know there are several people in the guard here. I didn't ask my boss because i knew he would hold it against me.
  6. Kind of am old one but looking for some info on this. I had a basketball related knee injury in college. The cartilage on my femur was damaged and through years of not taking care of it the cartilage on my knee cap was also lightly damaged. It was surgically repaired with no hardware and after physical therapy have no symptoms or weakness in my knee. Surgery was 5 years ago. I am a AFR UPT hire and was DQ at MEPS for chondromalacia. We are planning on getting a waiver at the flight physical. Is this something that will be a challenge?
  7. I was thinking it was 33 for those that are already active duty for the active duty board. Just noticed there was an official policy change within the last week. Maybe it covers everyone.
  8. I've only applied to one place and been to one interview so take this for what it's worth but i took the AFOQT in 2009 when i was in ROTC and nobody said anything. My scores were worse and i planned to retake it but i got hired before i got around to it. My opinion from the outside looking in is at your age (which is a couple months older than me) is it's too late to be too picky. If i were you i would apply everywhere you want to fly and try your best to get hired, fighters and heavies. After you get hired you will at least have a seat to training and then you can keep interviewing at fighter squadrons till you leave for training. I just don't think your scores and credentials are good enough for fighters or bust at your age. That being said I'm getting ready to send an application to a fighter squadron so i must still think there is hope... Just my opinion based on research. Hopefully someone will come in and tell me I'm wrong.
  9. I was told by my recruiter and unit that I need both MEPS and FC1 before the AFRC board. Don't know if it's requirement of preference but that's what I was told. I figure a passed fc1 is an extra insurance that you are good to go.
  10. KC-135. I figure I'm probably too old for fighters. Who wants to fly fighters anyway... I think 135s will fit my personality better so I'm excited.
  11. I planned to retake the afoqt but got hired before I had a chance to do it. I didn't study for my first one either. I was a freshman in college and figured I was probably smart enough I didn't need to study... 19 year olds are geniuses.
  12. When I retook the TBAS my PCSM went up around 14 points. That is without any more hours or AFOQT changes. When I first took the tbas I had 3 hours and 75 pilot afoqt and got a 46 pcsm. Second time i had 10 hours and my PCSM was 64 (4 more points for hours). Now is at 76 with 21 hours. Study the flashcards and work on multitasking.
  13. I'm sure it's one of those situations of bad information and/ or bad assumptions but I was picked up by a KC-135 squadron as a pilot. I had the dodmerb physical back in 2010 and was told I had up go to meps which I expected but now after dealing with meps issues for a couple months now they finally said I am clear to physical and gave me a date and they cancelled a couple days later. I'm not prior service but I'm not sure how to convince meps of this since I have dd256 and signed form 4 on record.
  14. I know this is old but have a question regarding scholarships. This might be good info for anyone thinking about scholarships. I was on a type 1 scholarship and then didn't get picked up for field training and was disenrolled. To receive the scholarship you sign a DD form 4/2 enlistment form. As I said I was disenrolled and now years later I'm going Air force reserve and trying to get to MEPS but they said I am prior service. As far as I'm aware you aren't actually in the military until you graduate and commission. Is this true or did signing the contract change things?
  15. I was told Toledo usually holds them once a year in summer/ fall.
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