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  1. Keep it. Unless you want to come home and find a new job for when you are off orders. Even if you want to take an ART or AGR job later there is no harm to you for keeping the job through training. I got picked up reserve recently and plan to keep my job. Even if you don't want to work there after you get back, it keeps options open. Options are always (usually) a good thing.
  2. DifferentViper

    Best chances at becoming a fighter pilot

    I chose AFROTC as my path to the Air Force back in 2009. Budget cuts and low GPA got me. Plan A was be a fighter pilot and be awesome. Plan B was be a heavy pilot and be a little less awesome. Plan C was do anything else in the Air Force and still be pretty cool. Plan D was graduate as an engineer and be boring. Life shoved me to plan D. I could have gone with an easier major to get a higher GPA but that wouldn't have left any backup if the Air Force didn't work out. Maybe I would be medically DQ and then be completely hosed. Don't want to discourage you just a note on how important a backup plan is. In college find something you could enjoy doing your whole life if things do go sideways. Then if you are like me you can eventually say screw plan D and try to be a pilot in the AFR or ANG anyway. Just don't wait as long as I did.
  3. DifferentViper

    Upcoming Boards

    I just got picked up to fly that 1958 model thank you very much! Thought of this when I read the last couple posts: https://www.duffelblog.com/2017/02/fighter-pilot-shortage-results-in-recruitment-of-average-looking-uncool-people/amp/
  4. DifferentViper

    Just another dreamer

    Similar everything as you except one small point. Your AFOQT is way better than mine. PCSM is same as mine with 21 hours. I'm a 28 year old EE with a 3.2 gpa working as an engineer for an aerospace defense contractor. I got picked up by a heavy squadron. 1 for 1 on interviews/ offers. I was also in ROTC. If you don't mind me asking how did you leave rotc? Voluntary departure after no pilot slot?
  5. DifferentViper

    Looking to fly heavies! How am I looking?

    Your PCSM is 1 higher than mine at all the same ranges. I have 21 hours. Your AFOQT pilot score is about 20 higher than mine. I have an engineering bachelor's at 3.2 gpa. Also I'm a few months older than you. I took the TBAS twice, first time was 43 with 3 hours. All this to help you judge where you are. From my experience at the heavy squadron I was just hired to, solo is a big step. When I visited leading up to the interview I was asked I think 3 times if I had soloed yet (I hadn't) and told to get the solo after the interview. My suggestion goes along with @FDNYOldGuy and get that solo. 21 hours helps too. Not an expert but hope this helps.
  6. DifferentViper

    Turned 28... Keep Trying? Or GO ARMY?

    I turned 28 at the start of May with scores that are very similar to yours with 11 hours and an engineering degree and I have an interview at a reserve heavy unit. If you are fighters or bust then I'd say apply and make them tell you no but from what I have seen on the forums age waivers for fighters are harder to come by because there is no shortage of young fighter pilot applicants. If you Google confessions of a KC-135 boom operator there is a good story about the KC-135 mission that kind of got me excited about heavies. Link
  7. DifferentViper

    Leaving family behind for UPT?

    I've been contemplating this same thing. I currently live around extended family so if my wife needs help with (or a break from) the two young kids then there is family nearby but if they come with me then it's just us which should read just her most days since I'll need to focus on training. Is the BAH situation the same for reserve and guard?