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  1. FlyArmy, you're doing the math wrong. It's 30,000-37,000 hrs per year of flying with all the operating locations, not for 10 years. And if you actually look at the draft solicitation its gets close to 40,000-45,000 hrs per year as your ramp up all the operating locations. Even at 37,000 hrs flown per year, that's around $20,200 per flight hour. And that's supersonic jets with modern radars, HOBs CATMs, HMD's, Datalink...etc. There's no way the USAF could ever dream about getting close to that price. Check out fedbizops, look up "CAF ADAIR" and read the solicitation. Much more involved than what is being posted on this board.
  2. I've worked for Draken for almost 2 years and have to say it's a very good company to work for. Everything you loved about flying in the Air Force but without the stuff you hated (queep). We currently are looking for both full and part-time current fighter guys for our Nellis operation. Part-time pay is very competitive if you are looking for a side gig and the lifestyle is great. If anyone has specific questions feel free to PM me.
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