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  1. jvlonardo

    Apply First, Retake if Needed

    I am the same age / similar boat, just got picked up by a Reserve unit. Sounds like you need to get a timeline going: make an application and apply to the units you want (and try to figure out which you want the most / why. Its important both for you and when they ask you at the interview why you applied there). If these units have set deadlines for applications and you think you can make that but not the AFOQT prior, then apply. I think you can do better on the AFOQT considering your grades and flight experience, I spent about a month studying every resource out there and taking practice tests, did well despite no flight experience. Like jonlbs said there's no punishment for going to a board more than once and you might be surprised at how much they weigh who you are vs. your scores. Study hard for the interviews and feel free to PM me for advice man. Good luck PS study for that TBAS too. Yes, there's ways you can prep for it.
  2. jvlonardo

    How much will I see my PCSM go up?

    With an 86 pilot and a "meh" tbas attempt, I had a 52. So yes a dismally low pilot score will affect it. I believe navigator affects it (pcsm) marginally as well? 99 nav and no hours
  3. jvlonardo

    Retaking TBAS

    Someone posted a TBAS game very recently, if it isn't too late look for it.
  4. If they let you apply, go for it. Assuming you have a PPL already and just have to take the AFOQT and TBAS? If not, PPL first usually. I took the tests before but I bet I would've did better on the Pilot section had I waited until after PPL ground training.
  5. Wow very neat. Would've helped me a ton as I was TERRIBLE at this section and only this one. Playing fighter sims didn't help me at all, not sure what my problem is tbh. Going to play around with this for fun though just to see if I could get decent at it eventually. Not planning to retake the TBAS myself. Thanks for sharing to all those that will need it, I know I would be ecstatic to find this.
  6. jvlonardo

    Junior in College What Are My Chances

    Study hard for the AFOQT and TBAS and when you feel you're ready, ask a recruiter or go straight to a ROTC detachment at a college to ask to sign up. I wish I had started my PPL prior to taking the AFOQT as my Pilot score probably would've been 10% higher. If you feel like your recruiter is blowing you off, engage them or get another if you need to. Research and ensure there's nothing holding you back / waivers you may need. ie I got LASIK as I was worried about my vision DQ'ing me. Definitely stay abreast of unit activities you may get a chance to visit but it might not be worth your time/money traveling far before knowing where you stand as SugandeseFighter said.
  7. Interesting, I didn't realize this was the case. Thought if I applied for a rated position, they were all possible. I will definitely look into this and reach out to my Reserve recruiter for a point of contact. I was also concerned about swearing-in before getting a UPT slot guarantee but sounds like that's doable as well then. Thanks for sharing your experience!
  8. Thanks for your response. I was going to ask, it seemed like there were no RPA slots on the recent drops thread, I wasn't sure if they were being excluded or not. I don't know a whole lot about the OTS to UPT route so I'll have to research it more. I thought that if you apply to OTS boards, you could end up stuck either with a pilot, RPA, CSO, or ABM.
  9. I've posted before, civilian with a decent shot that is applying to the 910 AW (local). I've got some good networking / seem to be liked there, but they could have an enlisted guy who's been waiting to go or someone otherwise more qualified than me so I'm not getting my hopes up. As for my preferences, the general A10 mission is my favorite but I doubt I'm competitive enough to apply to a base like the 122 FW. The 910 AW is top pick for me considering their unique mission and the fact that its local. I don't care about fighters much, but maybe because I'm not taking into account close air support missions. After that, I guess beggars shouldn't be choosers. Right now I just feel like I'm burning up time that I could spend in training, so I'm eager to move but I worry about AD because of the chance of being an RPA pilot. Is there any guaranteed way to avoid this, ie going a specific track? Also, is the PCSM score-checking page down for anyone else? Waiting for my score update so I can apply to the 910th. Link to my old post: (PCSM is now 83)
  10. jvlonardo

    How to improve your chances

    I'm no expert on this but here's some serious things to consider. I'm a recent college grad working on getting into the AFR, ANG, or lastly AD Air Force to become a pilot. My senior year of college I studied long and hard and took the AFOQT and TBAS tests (as far as I know, ASVAB is useless for the AF pilot route). I'm earning a PPL currently; it is reasonable to expect the whole process from testing to actually getting "hired" by a unit to take at least a year possibly more. Not including shipping off to BMT, OCS, UPT, and all the other training lead times that are included once you're in the system. So if you have the AF in mind, you should probably do some research into the non-academy/AFROTC route to pilot (same as I'm taking except I'm only 22). Browse the "what are my chances?" thread to see what individuals like me are working on. There's plenty of other resources out there but sounds like you need to have your recruiter lay out the timeline for you to see if its still possible. There are age waivers, can't recall the cutoff but you're close to or will need a waiver. Expect to be away from home / active duty for ~2 yrs of training, regardless of whether you're joining active vs. reserve. UPT is 54 weeks alone I think. So I highly doubt you could maintain child custody for that.
  11. jvlonardo

    Headset questions for PPL and beyond

    I suppose its because they seem like a safe bet over the many lower-end brands out there.
  12. jvlonardo

    Headset questions for PPL and beyond

    You guys have me convinced to look into some DC's. No point spending a ton if I won't see them for 2 years and will get handed something even better at a unit. I'll research the H10-30s and whatever else is out there (I have no clue which model is which). Thanks for the help everyone. Hope I can make good progress over the next few post-college years and give back.
  13. jvlonardo

    Headset questions for PPL and beyond

    Thanks for the input. Seems like the high range ones hold their value pretty well but wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it being just a new flyer. How much you selling them for? I've heard a few material / ANR concerns with the zulu 2 but they (A20, zulu, sennheisers) all seem to have quirks.
  14. I plan on earning my PPL over the next couple of months so I can apply to AFR units by Fall. Likely C-130 units considering my location (Eastern OH). It seems worth it to purchase a headset in the long run, but wanted you guys to weigh in. Is it worth me spending the big bucks on an A20 or Lightspeed, or go for a mid-priced DC? I don't know if pilots ever use their own headset during training / in the reserve. Might be silly to buy a nice one then be gone for ~2-3 years OTS/UPT/whatever follows before I touch it again, not to mention depreciation. I did see another thread about getting a nice used pair of DC and just replacing parts as needed. I could also just work with what's available at my flight school for the ~60 hrs I'll be earning.
  15. I'll definitely research this. Going for PPL then Reserves after hopefully.