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  1. Like most (if not all) military guidance and programs, right time right place or you get screwed completely.
  2. Intogamer

    PPL for Fighters

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I can gauge people's thoughts or experiences on flight hours and PPL. I am currently applying to a couple of fighter units but as of application time, I do not yet have my ppl (only about 20hrs). Correspondingly my PCSM score is kind of low at mid 700s however with 201+ hours it would be in the 90s. I aim to complete my PPL by end of March but a lot of units have their application deadline beforehand. Do you think that units would simply look at the initial score and flight hours or if I mention that i'm actively pursuing to complete it the units would take that into consideration? How heavily weighted is flight hours essentially in your opinion/experience? Thanks!