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  1. It's not like this one came down to a split second mistake...his decision to rotate at 120 etc etc was apparently made long before the day of the mishap.
  2. 60-100 T-6 hours, I don't know this dude's numbers specifically. It's real.
  3. The IP briefings aren't gender separated, and there's no male student-only briefing. Just IP only and female students+IPs only
  4. Fantastic. Glad it's the priority over ops
  5. They're having separate meetings for all IPs and all female students/IPs so I doubt that's why
  6. Any of the AETC types on here know what these 19 AF-directed mandatory meetings this week are about?
  7. Not really in T-6s. But they've been washing whole 38/toner classes forward since they're small and can support it while they wait for T-6s to fumble through their new syllabus. A guy I know told me his whole class has more or less washed forward twice (he tracked "on time" for 19-02, and he should graduate on the 18-15 date)
  8. Didn't they just PCS 60+ students in between IFT and starting RPAs to the UPT bases?
  9. bro it's cool, easy to get confused with all of the tankers in the CAF
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