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  1. They were grounded for a couple months but they're back in training
  2. They didn't just stop form landings in the 38. If i recall, its an AETC wide FCIF prohibiting form landings until further notice.
  3. Yeah, deliberately rubbing your genitals on someone is probably behavior deserving a bit more than an ass chewing...especially if you think “she probably just felt a glass of beer” is a plausible explanation. I get this is your friend, but I seriously hope you never have a subordinate come to you with a harassment/assault issue.
  4. "Her husband told investigators that Retka approached the group directly behind his wife and stood “crowded subway close” to her, which he described as awkward." "The colonel asked the group, “Did somebody just touch my butt?” and Kennedy replied, “Yeah, mine too,” the report said." ...what else do you want?
  5. What if it were your wife? Sure, CDIs suck sometimes, but so do some of the individuals we work with. So, again, what exactly would it take for you to believe the woman that accused him?
  6. I'm putting more faith in a CDI than one of his (presumably) male friends who would never have been touched inappropriately/sexually by him. What exactly would it take for you to believe the woman who accused him?
  7. It's not like this one came down to a split second mistake...his decision to rotate at 120 etc etc was apparently made long before the day of the mishap.
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