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  1. Glad I have not been in the squadrons you have been in then. I would not have done well there. How there can be fallout if the Supervisor approves leave in accordance with the regs is asinine to me. If there's an "issue" with it in a squadron, the Supervisor should just not approve leave in this manner. Letting there be negative repercussions for approved leave in accordance with the regs is weak squadron/flight leadership.
  2. What’s to “get away with”? it’s written in the damn regs. I always put my leave in LeaveWeb to start at 1200 the day prior to the first chargeable day. It always gets approved. If someone scowled at me for doing what the regs state, I think I’d laugh in their face.
  3. No. You have to be in a tax free location the month your bonus processes on your LES and bonus pay hits your bank account. You’d again have to be in a tax free locale when your bonus hit in year 2 to get a portion of it tax free. As mentioned it is considered monthly pay by the finance folk, so you only get tax free (regular pay + ACP) up to the pay rate of the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force. No huge benefit to delaying signing. Especially if it adds to your time in.
  4. Annual retention report is out. Active Duty grew the pilot force by 54. At this rate, we’ll be where our manning numbers need to be in a mere 13-15 years! What a stupendous job Aircrew Task Force! The Generals need to cry uncle. They need to ask Congress for a bigger bonus, or if stuck with only a $35K bonus they need to offer it with a one year commitment and renewable annually.
  5. Curious to see where the take rates end up for the year. I wish they'd filter out the old folks like me who just took a second bonus because it gets me to 20 and retirement. The only real number that matters is how many pilots took a bonus and remained after their initial UPT commitment was up. The annual rated manning report is always interesting in how they try and spin the pilot exodus numbers. This year I'm sure it will all be glowing pats on the back for how they've stabilized pilot numbers and actually increased by a few. Not really a success when you're still down 2K pilots for the total force.
  6. The AF should just lower the bonus commitment to 1-2 years. Then it would essentially be "Pro Pay" without having to call it that, since they are incapable of convincing Congress there's a problem. It would at least help the crew force think leadership is trying. Of course, that assumes Big AF actually gives a crap about trying to fix the problem, which we all know they don't. They've been studying the problem with little to no actual action for what...5 YEARS now? At this stage in my career, with eyes wide open about how much Big AF appreciates me, I'm essentially a mercenary. I still like flying for the AF though. If they would let that Voluntary Retired Return to Active Duty Program be bonus eligible, I'd sign up for four more years through that.
  7. This is why HAF is clueless or just spineless about solving the problem. When OSD said no to higher AF AvB due to the high take rates in the Marine Corps (cited by Junior), I doubt anyone in HAF said factoring in helo take rates is stupid, since Delta/American/FedEx, etc. is not hiring away helo pilots. We're beyond the point of stupidity in fixing this. Junior still is mentioning studying the problem, collecting data, blah blah blah. There is nothing to study. The problem is being underpaid/undervalued while overworked with too many additional duties/time away from family. Just accept it. Stop studying the problem HAF and FIX SOMETHING ALREADY!
  8. The annual Rated Retention Report comes out after December usually. It will have the take rates as well as all the stats and comparison to last year broken out by rated crew position and aircraft type. Don't expect official take rate numbers until this report is released. As mentioned, it is found under RAW on AFPC Secure links. It will be an abysmal report. For pilots, the FY18 total net loss was almost double the net loss in FY17 . You can get that number by looking at the monthly rated manning statistics in RAW and comparing it to the FY17 annual retention report in RAW.
  9. Seems like HAF finally realized pilots don't want to accept additional ADSCs. Maybe now they'll apply that outlook to the bonus and we'll see increased compensation in the from of Professional Pay without huge ADSCs. Here's hoping.
  10. Quite frankly, HAF needs to get off its ass and start throwing money at the problem. Pilot losses are starting to go exponential. We had a net loss of 124 pilots in FY17...in FY18 we had a net loss of 227 pilots...that’s almost double the amount walking out the door in a single year. All the flowery speeches and Aircrew Retention Task Force efforts on QoL improvements have utterly failed. Why not at least try solving (or at least easing) the problem with money?
  11. Maybe these abysmal take rates will actually get HAF to take an actual look at compensation, like the rumors of Professional Pay I have heard at MAJCOM. Two years of saying "it's not about the money" and yet all the Aircrew Retention Crisis Task Force's efforts in quality of life/deployments/additional duties have done absolutely nothing to slow the loss of pilots. We'll have the same approximately 150 pilot net loss for the year. Everyone I know who goes to the airlines mentions two things: tons of money and free time. So to act like money plays no role and completely ignore it has been idiotic by HAF.
  12. Curious when they will start releasing the AvB take rate percentages since last year they had them up monthly on RAW. I imagine the downward trend will continue. This makes me think we will actually see a Professional Pay proposal in FY19 since USAF already has a net loss of 149 pilots from FY17 (about the same net loss they had the two years prior). Clearly the bonus and other retention initiatives are having zero effect, and the downward trend continues.
  13. You can apply no earlier than 12 months out and no later than 4 months out from your requested retirement/separation date.
  14. Your bro may have been screwed in the past, but that is not what the current AFI 31- 2110 says. As of 26 Jan 18, Table 5.2. 365-day Extended Deployment Declinations/3-Day Options states if you have 19 yrs TAFMS as of notification date or RDD of a 365 you may request a retirement and opt out of the 365. AFPC could deny your retirement request and send you on the 365 but you are not getting separated instead of retired. After 19 yrs TAFMS your two options are establish a retirement date or AFPC denies your retirement request and deploys you. If you have less than 19 yrs TAFMS as of notification date or RDD of the 365, you may request separation and if approved would not get a retirement. (Forgive me I quoted above Figure 5.2 instead of Table 5.2 that replaced it.) As for getting out as soon as you can no argument there. Bottom line, until you have an established retirement date the power to let you retire or deploy you is still the AF's decision.
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